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Smokechill Land

A vacation spot in the Volcanic Lands, and in general, of the South Pole. People are often shocked by the overall entertaining themes to Smokechill Land. Many would believe that because of Rakdos' partial ownership, that the amusement park would be seen as horrific and filled with death and despair. However, this is far from the truth. Smokechill Land is actually an amusement park with many low suspense rides, with many areas seen to benefit both children and those who seem queasy at places such as Smokechill. Across the 500 acres worth of land, Smokechill is home to many rides and groups of themed locations, where said rides exist. There is 4 of these themed locations so far, each being dedicated to Guilds that have opted in Gold to make this place, being - in order of the most donated and largest size - :
  1. The Cult of Rakdos
  2. The Izzet League
  3. Gruul Clans
  4. Boros Legion
They each have their own themed locations, which tie into the aspirations, history, and members of the guilds.  

Boros Legion

  The Legion is often seen as the most uncommon guild to be associated with the Rakdos Cult, they may be known as the quite literal fun-police, but due to arrangements between the two powerful guilds, they had come to a conclusion. The conclusion was that most lawless attractions would have the Boros Legion working as guards, security, and bouncers. They also have one of the central locations, relating to District 10's 4th precinct, as it includes attractions and buildings closely resembling the training grounds and with the main theme representing Sunhome, the guildhall of the Boros Legion. Even here, the Rakdos Cult enjoy wrecking the guildhall for fun, in their nightly festivals. They only have 50 acres in total, with most of this landmass used for decorative towers, and great statues of individuals high in the Boros' ranks. This small themed lands is home to small landscapes, with the main one being Sunhome, which is home to the largest peak in the entire amusement park. It is also home to The Bulwark Basin, a set of rides themed around the location close to Sunhome, with rides being themed around the War of the Spark. There is also military bases used to sell meals and marches done in honour of those fallen in the War of the Spark.    

Gruul Clans

  The Gruul Clans control 100 acres of the land, separated into 5 of the 7 clans. It is unknown why the Gravel Hide clan refused to join, however the ideas of Smokechill Land being a safehaven for people who wish to enjoy Rakdos entertainment, without the risk of mutilation or death would not appeal to the clan of Scab. In the streets of this amusement park, the Zhur-Taa clan, often hold wild, religious debates, around the most crazy of halls and arenas, desperate to gain new support from those who wish to have fun. Nikya, the clan leader, is often seen training boars in deep caverns, where the underdark portion connects with the House Dimir trading systems. their attractions are seen as the most chaotic, with seperate events happening at each time, including bolts of lightning, fireballs launching at magical walls which repair themselves. They also have the highest amount of lawsuits, which means they have been forced to bringing on a clergy for people to be revived or aided if hurt, or dead. They also have an empty set of fields, which are barren of any sense of technology. all that is here is the basic necessities of the Gruul clans; practically nothing.    

The Izzet League

  The most advanced area, the Izzet League takes up 150 acres of land of the park. They have seperated themselves from the other guild's work, except the Rakdos Cult. As to the agreement, the Izzet League can conduct any set of experiments as long as they allow Rakdos influence. They also must work on great festivals for any of the other 3 guilds. With their experiments with Galavan Arfis , The Izzet League had perfected the use of Tower Gargoyles, with sizes ranging to the height of a lesser Tarrasque, of 50 feet. They also forged their weaponry with magical components, making the duels between the 4 guilds often result in victory to the Dragon's League. Niv-Mizzet often comes here, entertained by the work done by the 4 guilds. His appearance often comes in hand with a spike of visitors, in desperate hope to catch a glimpse of the gargantuan guild master. Their attractions are the most enhanced, imbuing technology and arcane secrets together to create floating rollercoasters, monorails, complex food courts, large music halls, and sporting fields that can polymorph themselves for separate sports. They also helped the most in the construction of Smokechill Land. Specifically, the incorporated the advanced mechanisms and arcane secrets.    

The Cult of Rakdos

  The greatest guild in worth, The Cult of Rakdos holds ownership of all that is left, 200 acres of land, the entire set of systems in the Underdark. Their demonic ruler, Rakdos himself, had paved off a super volcano, and transferred all of it's energy into pure chaos, making the Rakdos segments within mere hours. They hold everything with puppet strings directing every minute action into assisting the progression of the Cult. What many people do not realise though, is that these regional goals are only to withhold the amusement park, which means it satisfies all of it's denizens. Some may argue that it is the most morally good action Rakdos has done recent times.


The primary demographic of Smokechill Land is members of the Cult of Rakdos who lean closest to Chaotic Evil. Those who are from Ravnica based races, such as Centaur, Goblin, Minotaur and Humans are also inclined to come here, along with many South Pole denizens.
Founding Date
9800 FL
Large town
Location under
Additional Rulers/Owners

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