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Allione Telasin

Lady Allione Telasin

Originally from the Northern Continent, Allione Telasin was the first child of Calliope Telasin and her spouse Brenden. She was kidnapped in the third month of 1263 by the Sharkfin Syndicate of the Mid Continent for ransom. Despite the demands of the Sharkfins and the handwritten pleas of Allione herself, Calliope decided that since she had three children, she would simply deny the ransom demands and leave Allione to her fate. This resulted in Allione's sale to Rabel Bosk, and eventually to her death in 1272.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Fully developed Landsmen female, healthy

Body Features

Light skin, brown eyes, brown hair, shapely, generally slim.

Facial Features

Heart shaped face, high cheekbones, generous lips

Identifying Characteristics

Multiple piercing done to her post enslavement including nose, tongue, nipples, navel, and clitoral hood

Physical quirks

right handed

Apparel & Accessories

Prior to her abduction, she was partial to rich material cut to fit. Post abduction, she wore what she was given.

Mental characteristics


University, with a degree in financial science


From the time of her kidnapping until her death, Allione was a slave to Rabel Bosk.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Mother of Garlon Telasin

Failures & Embarrassments

Kidnapped by the Sharkfin Syndicate, sold as a slave after her parents refused to ransom her, and impregnated by her rapist and captor.

Mental Trauma

Major depression and PTSD from physical, sexual, and emotional abuse.

Intellectual Characteristics

Allione had a gift for management and numbers, unfortunately shared by her siblings.

Personality Characteristics


Was motivated at one time to be the leader of her family, prior to her death, her goal was the survival of her son.

Likes & Dislikes

Loved her son. Hated pretty much everyone else after her kidnapping.


Allione Telasin

Mother (Vital)

Towards Garlon Telasin



Garlon Telasin

Son (Vital)

Towards Allione Telasin



Nicknames & Petnames

Allione called Garlon "Gar," Galron called Allione "Mother," and occasionally "Ma."

Relationship Reasoning

Allione was willing to do literally anything to protect Garlon.

Legal Status


1243 E.O. 1272 E.O. 29 years old
Circumstances of Birth

The first child in the alliance of Calliope and Brenden (nee Zajak) Telasin

Circumstances of Death
Allione died by misadventure after being gifted to an exceptionally rowdy cadre of Sharkfin soldiers after a successful raid on a lesser clan.
Saldaak, Northern Continent
Biological Sex
Large, brown
Long, curly
148 pounds

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