The Great Caldera

The part of Aaltiera where gameplay takes place. Contains all gameplay locations.   World's Edge is a ring of mountains and cliffs around the extreme edge of the Caldera.
  Carrion Rift marks the far north and north western edge of the Caldera.
The Suburban Tundra spans across most of the northern areas.
The Concrete Jungle spans across the south.
Acetic Vale lies to the east.
  The Salt Plains stretch out to the east beyond World's Edge.
The Turquoise Sea Lies to the west of World's Edge, and stretches northwards and southwards.
The Turquoise Pools lies at the western Caldera edge.
The Chromebark Mangal lies inland of the Turquoise Pools.
The Mycorhyzial Forest lies north of the Turquoise Pools.
The Warplands marks the exact center of the Caldera.
The Razor Dunes stretch out endlessly to the south beyond World's Edge.
  The Rust Tunnels extend below the entire Caldera,
The Noxious Warrens lie deep underneath the Rust Tunnels.
  The Dragon's Teeth Mountains ring the inner area of the Caldera, with the Warplands contained inside the ring.
Multiple Asphalt Seeps can be found near the Dragon's Teeth.
  CBRN Bunkers litter the Caldera, here and there.
A network of Abandoned Magways and Flooded Magways snakes across the Caldera surface, broken by collapsed tunnels and collapsed viaducts.
  Tailing Knoll. Somewhere. Mine shafts leading down into the Noxious Warrens are close by.
Fade's Fall. Somewhere on the edge of the Caldera.


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