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A Universe Divided (AUD) is a Sci-fi, Space fantasy, Tactical and competitive multiplayer project that is currently being developed. The project is set in a Galaxy known as Ryco in the year 3093 20 years after the Ryco Rebellion war (RRW). The majority of Ryco Is split over 5 major powers The Daenr imperium(The Empire), The Roashen Union (The Empire), The Parasitic, The USR (The Republic )as well as The Libari Federation (The Federation) with all 5 major powers recovering and rebuilding having suffered from the RRW(The Great Ryco Rebellion War) as tensions rise pointing to a second war ahead. The Player after selecting a faction starts from humble beginnings taking on various missions and freelance jobs gaining money and experience while fighting for the glory of their faction. Explore The unknown parts of Ryco , Mine resources , Purchase ships , Hire crew, Trade, Fight , Build and Command your fleet in space and troops on the ground. The project does not have a single player mode yet but is in the works focusing on the events of the RRW but there are stories the player can explore in the multiplayer experience. The overall game experience lets the player feel like they are in total control of the players destiny within Ryco filled with limitless possibilities which could lead to glorious or disastrous outcomes.

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