Abbey of St. Jerry

Located inside Fort Vaska⁣⁣, this is where The Monks of St. Jerry are raised and trained.  The Monks of St. Jerry are coalition Psi Stalkers, and they are indoctrinated from an early age to believe they were placed here on Earth by The God of Man⁣ to eradicate magic users and alien visitors from the planet.   No one outside knows what goes on inside.

Purpose / Function

To raise Psi Stalkers, indoctrinate them and train them to hunt magic users.


Once a pre-rifts Franciscan monastery, mausoleum and museum, these connected buildings became a fortified safe house for local survivors during the Great Cataclysm.  These survivors attributed their safety to the monks and priests they read about in the museum.  It was not long before more survivors congregated here and they outgrew the existing quarters.  Eventually larger and more accommodating facilities were built around it, but the original structure still stands and is now treated as a holy site by The Church of Man⁣⁣.   The structures were eventually repurposed into a dormitory and training academy for Psi Stalkers after the Magic Wars to provide security against the Federation of Magic.  And with the founding of The Church of Man⁣⁣, was made an Abbey and the Psi Stalkers were named Monks of the Order of St. Jerry in honor of the first Psi Stalker assistant to Joseph Prosek who was declared a Saint of the Church for the event.
Below is the Franciscan mausoleum that was used as a stronghouse during sieges after the Great Cataclysm.  Many a survivor became a believer in The God of Man⁣⁣ after spending tense terror-filled days within its thick, reinforced walls.
Alternative Names
The Psilent Abbey
Parent Location
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