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Iyazan Vegaran

The time for talks and negotiations has ended. From now on, the fate of this land will be decided by Iron and Blood.
  Butcher of Begara. Guardian of the West. The Man that destroyed the Empire. Iyazan Vegaran is one of the most infamous figures of the Warlord Era. A great leader to some, a traitorous bastard to others, the man born to a Vardanian mother and a Barbarian father has a long journey behind him.   From humble beginnings he has risen to the highest echelons of power, ruthlessly crushing anyone in his way. Once one of the great Imperial Generals he is now the greatest of the Warlords and perhaps even the most powerful man in Vardania. His intrigues ripped the imperial forces apart, culminating in the infamous Anarchy at Chaironea. Few outiside his army would trust or even support him. For Vegaran has no allies, only puppets.   A great general and charismatic leader, there are few people in existence that can match his ambition. And with his greatest rival Warmaster Adeon Vargan dead, none are left that the White Serpent would fear. Vardania is a continent in turmoil. It is a land full of opportunity. A game where power is the deciding factor. A game the great schemer knows how to play.  


  Rise to Glory and Infamy  
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Born in early 3292 DA in a small town in the Western Heartlands, the son of two plantation workers began his life in humble surroundings. The next time his name appears is 14 years later on the recruitment list of an imperial garrison. Dedicated and hardworking the youth soon rose through the ranks and a mere year later was given command of a Manipe (~120 men).   The north had not been pacified in the aftermath of Anonara in 3302 DA, despite imperial propaganda claiming the contrary and it was on the northern front that Vegaran continued to distinguish himself. At age 16 he had gained the rank of Decurio and with it command of a Pare (~5000 men) under the 4th Legion.   In 3308 DA a large Barbarian army had managed to bypass the northern Defenses and raid deep into the Western Provinces. Iyazan was given the task of stopping them. In early winter of the same year, he was able to force them into battle near the town of Begara. While the decisive victory proved the young man's talent it was from here on that his name would be remembered in infamy. With the battle over Vegaran proceeded to systematically slaughter over 30,000 captured Barbarians (man, woman and children). From then on he would become known as The Butcher of Begara.  
They come south to in search of wealth and land. To settle in greener pastures. I merely show what they can expect to receive from us.
  Ever greater Power  
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Staying in the Western Provinces Vegaran continued to rise through the ranks. Several times he beat encroaching Barbarian forces and in 3312 DA successfully cleansed the western coast of pirates. At the age of 21, he reached the position of Kentar and was given command over the 4th Legion (= 25,000 men) and stayed as military governor of the west throughout the following years.   When the Tyrants War broke out Iyazan at first took no part in it. The fighting was contained to the Summer Coast and it wasn't until two years into the conflict that Feran armies began to enter the west in mass. For over three years he held the Western Provinces against southern assault, smashing army after army. By 3328 the situation had changed drastically, however.   After triumphing in the Battle of the Gedrian Hills in late 3327, Feran armies began to enter the Heartlands. Threatened with being cut off and outflanked Vegaran made the decision to abandon the west and in a daring forced march managed to circumnavigate the enemy and reach allied territory in early 3329 DA.   While he managed to beat a large Feran force in the Second Battle of Veii he was nevertheless forced to retreat and join the other generals at Chaironea in late 3329. By now the facade of imperial unity had begun to fracture. The rise of a new generation of generals whose ambitions clashed with the old guard. The degradation of unity caused by mass conscription and the introduction of Barbarians and Cultists into the force. The step by step removal of the Aemelian Reforms under Gordian's reign.   And lastly, Vegarans own intrigues and ambitions, his cold eradication of every opponent and ruthless strive for power. By Febris of 3330 DA the army camp was a powder keg. Then on the 23rd of Febris Iyazan discovered that the Iron Wolf was, in fact, comatose and close to death (a fact that had been kept a secret for months by Generals Phokas and Victarian). On the 24th he declared the Warmaster deceased.   Order collapsed. The Anarchy at Chaironea saw the Imperial Army tear itself apart. And among the chaos Vegaran abandoned the camp and his former allies to encroaching Feran army. Marching through the Carian Gate he established himself as a Warlord in the Western Provinces.



Physical Appearance

  At 1,84 meters tall, with a muscular build and a hard face, Iyazan presents the typical picture of a Vardanian Soldier. Short, dark brown hair and a trimmed brown beard frame a harsh looking face with a sharp chin and slightly enlarged nose. Completing it are two cold grey-brown eyes, a perfect representation of the stone-faced Legionare.   Unlike many of the other generals, he does not possess any visible scars or markings. His right arm, however, is covered in a large burn scar that reaches over his shoulder onto his back. Suffered years ago during his fight against the pirates it never fully healed and is a constant source of pain.  


I hate having to brief him. That bastard smiles and I feel a dozen knives pointed at my throat.
— Adris Tregan. Commander under Vegaran
  Ruthless. Merciless. Monstrous. Vegaran is called many things, few of them flattering. However, none can deny that the mind behind those cold eyes is nothing short of brilliant. A man of few words he rarely shows emotions, his face a mask of cold indifference at any time. Nevertheless, he is a hardworking man, dedicating himself fully to any given task.   Always planning, always scheming, capable of deducing one's weakness from a mere glance. Trying to predict Vegaran is a fruitless endeavour. The game of shadows and whispers is where he excels at and many an opponent found his end through one of his schemes. His patience is only surpassed by his ambition and mercy is not a word he seems to know. Willing to throw even the closest of allies to the wolves should it benefit him, all his energy is directed only toward a single goal: ever greater power.   Curiously the only people Vegaran seems shows a modicum of care towards are his own soldiers. Be it because of shared experiences or simply a sense of responsibility the general makes sure that they are well provided for and even shows genuine remorse in the face of casualties.   However, these signs of humanity are mere flickers in the storm of ice that is the White Serpents mind. Iyazan Vegaran respects no one and fears no one. At least no one that is still alive.    

Of Serpent and Wolf

Directly opposed in both character and ideology the relationship between Iyazan Vegaran and Adeon Vargan has been hostile since their very first meeting. The Iron Wolf is one of the few people that can match the White Serpent in both wit and ruthlessness and has opposed Vegarans ambitions at every turn. The now deceased Warmaster was Iyzans greatest rival and perhaps the only man he ever respected.   For nearly three years now it has been silent around the general and many a fool may think him gone or dead. Those smart enough, however, see the clouds gathering in the west. Quietly he has marched his army deeper into the Western Provinces. There, away from prying eyes he waits and plans, building his net of spies and intrigues. Vardania is a continent in turmoil, a land where the fate of nations can change within the day. Sooner or later an opportunity will present itself. And the Butcher will return and carve his bloody path across Vardania.
Current Location
Year of Birth
3292 DA 40 Years old
Short, Dark Brown Hair
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
White Serpent   Like all great generals of late Imperial Period Iyazan too received a name corresponding to his behaviour on the battlefield. Vegaran is a planner who prefers to let the enemy make the first move. Similar to a snake he waits, looking for any weakness that may present itself before breaking his foe with fast, hard and precise strikes.   The colour White stems from the white cloth he constantly wears around his right arm and his preference for white cloaks.     Butcher of Begara   While the massacre of over 30,000 Barbarians on a cold winter morning made him infamous, it is far from the only bloody deed Vegaran has committed during his long career. Prisoners and surrendering enemies without "use" are killed. Be they man, woman or children. There are no exceptions.   However, he does not seem to enjoy the slaughter, merely doing it to destroy his enemy completely and demoralize any further opposition.  
Run Child, Run! The Butcher he has come. His knife is long, his grin is wide, today he'll come to take your hide. Run child Run! The Butcher he has come.
— Nursery Rhyme

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Character Portrait image: by Lewis Fisher


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