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Alyerian Faith

The inhabitants of Alyeria share a belief system focused on unity with the elemental realms Elemental Planes: Aether, Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. Introduced to the inhabitants by Brom Tolamin, Prime of Earth, Tolaminism honors the elemental influence of Aether, Earth, Air, Fire, and Water across the planet. These Mid Realms are blended areas of the elements at their borders and define other aspects of creation and decay - Evil, the Afterlife, and others.

Elemental forces can be dominant during specific seasons, both in their actual influence on the Ebb and through various social and religious events or celebrations.

Many priests and commoners still offer prayer and material sacrifice to honor the Primes, their Aoens, and the Attuned across Alyeria. Rituals, events, and prayers focus on beauty, good fortune, purity, and harmony.

Currently, with shaping outlawed in some kingdoms, practicing Tolamin priests practice different, some more subtle rituals and prayers shoring up their faith and flock.

Priests & Clerics
Celebrations and the Seasons
After the Collapse the open influence or shaping was limited due to the greatly diminished Ebb. The ease of influencing changed and many could no longer shape. In the Era of Dawn, Glemont, the Fire Kingdom outlawed influencing the Ebb. Only select individuals or organizations are allowed to shape under Prince Galestrom's degree. Within his controlled lands unauthorized shapers are hunted down by the fearsome and brutal Harvesters.   Those priests with natural attunement or years of experience are still able to influence the Ebb, but limit its practice to avoid the attention of the Harvesters. Non-magical rituals, offers, and celebrations continue to support the faith of the common folk.   Those that lost the ability to influence have, in most cases, lost faith and are known as the Sullen. Some seek solitude, others travel the lands preaching the betrayal of the Primes exposing their loss of faith.   Fundamentalism
The sudden departure of the Primes and the death or corruption of the Aeons shattered the belief of some prompting the development of the fundamentalist manifest. Supporters still believe in elemental harmony, but choose to believe that the exit of the Primes heralded the time of the harmonic races and their duty to shape the world through science.

Una Cum Quinque
"When five are one"

Shires - Past and Present
In the Attuned Era, shrines were constructed in whole or part from Meritte. Depending on the attuned sphere the shrines surface glowed and pulsed with a related hue, a variety of blues if connected to Water for instance.   After the collapse, many shrines were pillaged or dismantled for their precious Ebb storing stone. Any shrines that are lucky enough to possess some Merrite guard it jealously.
Religious, Organised Religion
Controlled Territories

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