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A Quark in the Timeline

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In a world that was once a confluence of powerful magical energy centered on the The Genisis Tree. Where wizards could easily cast spells well above their abilities. Great battles have been fought, destroying the blasted landscapes of ancient battlefields that are still recognizable to this day.
All that remains of the magical power are simple spell casters conjuring what amounts to cheap tricks as compared to the days of old. The Genisis tree was destroyed in a battle between the very Gods that created this land and the pinnacle of greed and power, the Arch Wizard Omega.
Fear not, for the light is not yet lost from this world, A single spark of hope has begun to grow. The Genisis Tree is returning. Growing from the very ground of its destruction. A single sapling emerges.
However! Beware the lessons of the past. A brilliant light of hope casts darker shadows across the land.