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Let the Heavens Fall so Humanity can Endure


SolForce is a technocratic government with limited democratic institutions. This is by design, due to lessons learned over the last century of Anno Domini and the centuries before SolForce became a major force in modern geopolitics.

Public Agenda

The unification of mankind under SolForce's banner, the reformation of the Russian people, the curtail of corporate power, and ensuring that humanity and civilization doesn't die.


Population Breakdown:

  • Human Population: 2,700,000,000
  • Uplift Population: 300,000,000
  • Total Population: 3,000,000,000
  • Adult-to-Children Percentages: 45% Adult/55% Children
  • Adult Population: 1,350,000,000
  • Child Population: 1,650,000,000

Employment Status Breakdown (% of Adult Population / # of Adults):

  • Civilian: 10% / 1350,000,000
  • Military: 50% / 6750,000,000
  • Government: 5% / 67,500,000
  • Unemployed: 35% / 472,500,000


SolForce territory is incredibly widespread across Earth and the Solar System. While the capital is Huffman Island (the largest island of the Huffman Archipelago), SolForce has numerous underwater and island colonies in every ocean on the planet alongside various bioweapon, nanoweapon, and radiological-induced Dead Zones, former nations, and some of the former Lawless Zones. In space, Sol Force has numerous low-risk orbital stations in Earth orbit, a decent portion of the Moon, a moderately sized chunk of Mars, portions of the mini-solar systems that are Jupiter and Saturn, small amounts of territory on the moon Titan, and a few outposts and settlements in the Uranus-Sector and the Neptune-Sector.   This, expectantly, has made many, many, many enemies to SolForce, some of them understandably others not so much.


SolForce is a very secular nation, with no official religion whatsoever. However, it should be noted that all religions that reside within SolForce territory is bound by the various laws and statures that are enforced within this territory. This includes the 'Anti-Sectarian Violence Laws' which ban religious practices like jihads and crusades.

Agriculture & Industry

SolForce is effectively self-sufficient in terms of industry, as it can produce all it's needed resources via various islands, landmasses, undersea settlements, and space habitats and colonies across the solar system. SolForce is known for being the only competitor to Scientific Academy for Advanced Technologies(SAAT)'s high-tech resource production and for good reason.   SolForce's various industries are incredibly efficient as a whole, thanks to the use of modern extraction, agriculture, and production techniques and systems. This is combined with modern automation, reducing the need for a massive workforce to man the various industries.   SolForce, on the production front, is one of the few nations that have nano-fabrication tech as the industrial standard. While energy-intensive, this allows for an extremely flexible industrial base that can shift as the need arises.   One oddity that someone from the Anno Domini period would notice is that, economically and politically, SolForce have their economies dispersed over a far wider area than eras previous. This is due to the 'Economic and Political Power Equality Act' that was instituted during the first decade of SolForce's founding. This made thermonuclear war more survivable as the vital industries are not centralized in a handful of areas. This is also to prevent the economic destitution that plagued the rural areas during the leadup to the infamous 'Rural Uprisings' during the Upheavals period.

Defensor Pacis, Defender hominis, Ordinis et legis declarationem defensor (Defender of Peace, Defender of Mankind, Defender of Law and Order)

Founding Date
New World Era 0010/2110 Anno Domini
Geopolitical, Technocracy
Alternative Names
UN SolForce, SF, 'those UN loving Bastards'
Head of Government
Government System
Power Structure
Transnational government
Economic System
Mixed economy

  • Centi-Credit (.01)
  • Deci-Credit (.1)
  • Credit (1)
  • Deca-Credit (10)
  • Hecto-Credit (100)
  • Kilo-Credit (1,000)
  • Mega-Credit (1,000,000)
  • Giga-Credit (1,000,000,000)
  • Tera-Credit (1,000,000,000,000)

The SolForce Credit is a 'metric' monetary system, a principle that is shared with much of the various organizations, corporations, and federal confederations across Sol. The SolForce Credit is a non-fiat currency, meaning that it is backed by something more than faith. This is due to the collapse of the world economy during the Upheavals.
Legislative Body
Type: Tricameral (three-branch) with AI Oversight
  • Assembly of Districts
  • House of Representatives
  • House of Sections
Judicial Body
Type: Independent Court System with AI Oversight
Head: Federal Supreme Court
Official Languages
Manufactured Items
Related Items

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