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A New World: A World of Conflict and Sorrow


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Welcome to the year New World Era 0340, 340 years after the demise of Anno Domini and all that it created and destroyed. The world has changed as climate change happened, shifting the coastlines immensely. Federal Confederations have replaced nation-states and mega corporations have fitted themselves in the lawless zones across the world and in space, practically all of them out for themselves only.   Despite these facts, hope does exist. SolForce -the self-proclaimed successor to the UN- has created the World Climate Stabilization Network and is researching ways to reverse climate change in it's entirety. SolForce is also the only thing ensuring that there is some resemblance of international law in a world (and Sol system) that is very willing to NOT have any. Numerous technologies are restricted, with some being only proprietary technology of SolForce due to their ability to be abused to disastrous effect. Several Federal Confederations refuse to go low whenever possible as well, with at least one Mega Corporation being pragmatic enough to allow uplifts within their borders relatively unrestricted (and most of the restrictions being for their well-being, more available medical support and what not).   Life in any faction is a contradiction in of itself, where rights and freedoms are either restricted -or in the rare case eliminated entirely- yet there is generous prosperity and stability. Work has been redefined yet similar to the old. Conscription is back yet the militaries would outperform any volunteer army of Anno Domini in terms of technical and military skill.   Yet... conflict is still common in this new era. Over resources, over trade routes, even for prestige. Combat has expanded far more than just the usual environs, but also in undersea colonies and into space itself... There is a common expression in this era: Viable land is rare, but life is cheap.