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Primary Timeline of the New World Era

The overview of the various major events and periods of the setting.

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    The Upheavals
    Disaster / Destruction

    The period of history that set everything into motion. Where conflict became rife and upheavals of numerous kinds were happening like clockwork.

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    Various World Powers Agree to Begin the New World Era
    Era beginning/end

    After the Upheavals, the various powers of the world agree to start the post-Upheavals world as a new era...

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    Founding of SolForce

    The founding of SolForce is a multitude of variables coming together to create the environment needed to ensure that no one nation would immediately try to dissolve SolForce. This is partially thanks to their indispensability with orbital traffic control.

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    The Creation of the Federation of Indochinese States

    The first few decades of the New World Era was one of rapid change and the founding of numerous FedCons and MegCorps.