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The Pakistani-Indian Nuclear War

The Conflict


The final phase of the conflict was a nuclear one, the Indian nuclear arsenal was far better than most assumed and basically annihilated Pakistan thoroughly, leading to the conflict being called the 'Pakistani Nuclear Genocide'.   With the nation formerly known as Pakistan is the nation where you can easily play Fallout in real life and India fractured by the near-complete decapitation of their government (turning India into one of the largest Lawless Zones on the planet), there is no one literally capable of being accountable for the loose nukes that were unleashed on the planet.


With an entire nation effectively genocided by nuclear fire and the fallout of the nuclear detonations, areas of the world became too toxic for long-term human habitation. Without the Indian government keeping the various states and ethnic groups within India in check, no successor government formed and turned the areas not subject to nukes and the fallout of said nukes into anarchy.

Historical Significance


The legacy of this conflict would only ensure that the idea of privacy is completely dead.

Start Date
April 1st, 2045 (-0055)
Ending Date
December 7th, 2046 (-0054)
Conflict Result
The extermination of those within Pakistan, the complete and total collapse of the Republic of India and transforming it into a Lawless Zone, several loose Pakistani strategic nuclear warheads (six confirmed warheads lost in the chaos)






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