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SolForce Credit

The currency of SolForce, the SolForce Credit is an incredibly stable 'dual' (has electronic and physical components) currency backed by the energy cost of producing 'smart matter'. This makes the currency incredibly resistance to supply shocks as 'smart matter' -in its various forms- is always an energy-intensive and lengthy process.   'Smart Matter' -also known as 'Programmable Matter'- is a series of materials that have properties that can't be found in nature. Metamaterials are one such family of materials that are considered 'Smart Matter'. Another such material that is considered 'smart matter' is 'claytronics' or electronics that are as malleable as clay. It is the production of smart matter that has allowed the economy to stabilize after the world economy literally went up in flames in the years during and following the Upheavals, forcing a return to non-fiat currencies by sheer necessity.   The SolForce Credit (SFC or simply ‘Credit’ for short) has two forms: electronic and physical. The electronic form is secured with an unbreakable Holographic Security Tag (HST) that is standard for all currencies. Backing that electronic form is a physical currency that is a material outer layer -be an aluminum alloy, nickel, or even flexible biopolymer with various metal leaves- with a claytronic core. The claytronic core is designed to ensure that counterfeiting is impossible as it holds the electronic signature of the credit’s electronic form.   The decimal notations of the SFC are made out of the aluminum alloy duralumin (.01, 5mm radius and 2.5mm thickness), nickel alloy (.05, 1cm radius and 5mm thickness), vanadium chromium steel (.1, 1.5cm radius and 7.5mm thickness), and bronze (.25, 2cm radius, 1cm thickness) in their physical form, allowing for a level of versatility and ruggedness that is only matched by the Union Dollar (which in of itself is based on the formerly most stable currency, the US dollar).   The whole notations of the SFC utilize flexible high-durability biopolymer plastic with a metal leaf and a claytronic core. The highest common physical donation is the Kilo-Credit, which is 1,000 SFCs, Yellow Section can produce Mega-Credits as needed (although it is incredibly rare to do so). Due to the laws on income and inheritance caps, Giga- and Tera-Credits are only for throughput tracking (i.e. how much money is flowing through a given area at a given moment) or for budgets. The Credit (1) has a bronze leaf, the Deca-Credit (10) has a silver alloy leaf, the Hecto-Credit (100) has a gold leaf, the Kilo-Credit has a platinum leaf, and the Mega-Credit has a neodymium alloy leaf. This allows for easy reference for pretty much anyone.   Security measures for the SFC are rather straightforward despite outward appearances. The key component is the claytronic core of each donation. Not only is each claycronic core worth their donation, but they also have several electronic signatures telling various scanners that it is the genuine article and is worth what it is backed by a Yellow Section HST tag embedded in the code. This is impossible to break and replicate outside of government facilities, as the equipment for such work is only available in the government at select facilities and are manufactured on-site thus making intercepting shipments of equipment impossible. Essentially, there is no way for the currency to be counterfeited. The craytronic core also has safeguards in preventing the reverse engineering of the currency, mostly in the form of all attempts causing the currency to self-destruct if serious attempts were made (and sending any attempt to Yellow, Blue, and Grey sections for prosecution). To further stymie attempts at counterfeiting, Yellow Section enforces an age-exchange policy at all banks within SolForce territory, and any old physical currency is then sent to the very facilities that created them to be recycled. This prevents any old currencies with any possible degradation from being used as a springboard for reverse-engineering attempts.   Like all currencies, the SFC can be exchanged for other currencies. Due to its stability and the fact that they are made out of metamaterials, these exchange rates are wholly lopsided towards the SFC with the Union Dollar close behind. To give an example, 1 SFC is worth 10 Union Dollars or -if you want to take a gander at how things have changed in the years after the Upheavals- 5,000 United States Dollars from the year 2016 of Anno Domini or about 5,350 USD of the year of 2019 of Anno Domini.


This is the currency of SolForce, which means it has incredible significance in the economic sense.

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