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Montgomery Alexander 'Ironside' McKenzie

Director-General Montgomery Alexander McKenzie (a.k.a. 'Ironside')

There isn't much to say about the man now known as Director-General Montgomery Alexander McKenzie. Veteran of numerous conflicts, a charismatic leader, a shrewd politician (a requirement for being Director-General), an incredibly capable soldier, an incredibly competent general, caring parent and grandparent, all of these and more describe one of the most powerful men in the entirety of SolForce.   Born from a long line of career military officers hailing from Britain and what used to be North Ireland, Montgomery Alexander McKenzie was born on April 15th, 0240 NWE (2340 AD) on 5:30 AM on the island of Huffman. The first of four children, Montgomery's childhood was generally unremarkable. He had great intellect but used it mostly to get out of doing too much work. His school grades were above average, enough to let his teachers know that he was intelligent but not enough to be effectively forced into anything he didn't want to.   This attitude changed in 0252 (2352 AD), as Montgomery's father died during the extremely brutal Spring Offensive in the brutal Second Global Energy and Resources Trust (GERT)/SolForce War. This would lead Montgomery to join the SolForce Armed Forces (SFAF) in 0260 NWE (2360 AD), with the leadership noting his 'human unification' views. He would become part of the 4th Armored Division as a tank commander. He would prove his leadership skills in the Third South American Union/SolForce War in 0268 NWE (2368 AD).

Current Location
Huffman Island
Human (Augmented)
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Year of Birth
240 (100 years old)
Huffman Island
Current Residence
Director-General Residential Estate, Huffman Island
Biological Sex
Deep brown
Shoulder length thin chocolate brown hair
2.75 meters
150 Kilos
Aligned Organization

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