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MBT-01 'General Williams' Family of MBTs

(The Latest of the MBT-01 family, the A9)
(The latest upgrade to the MBT-01 family, the A9M)
(The MBT-01A8, one of the later variants of the MBT-01 family and the last to use ETC cannon technology)
(The MBT-01A7, which would lead to the MBT-01A8 with crewless turret)
  The MBT-01 series was SolForce's first 'internal' design, made by a team of tank crews and engineers during the second half of the New World Era's first century. While the external looks of the MBT-01 series are quite similar to MBTs of centuries past, the fact of the matter is that there are only so many ways to adequately armor a vehicle. The armament, however, is what has changed immensely over the years.   Initially (MBT-01 to MBT-01A2) the tank family utilized a powerful 150mm tank cannon with a 15.5mm HMG coaxial of a more conventional propellant before switching off to more modern Electro-Thermal Chemical cannon technology replaced them. The majority of the family would utilize ETC propelled kinetics to evolve with armor in general over the centuries, allowing it to stay on top of the ever-evolving race between offense and defense. The latest models utilize a coilgun instead of an Electro-Thermal Chemical cannon, vastly improving its armor penetration, firepower, and ammo capacity.   The General Williams family of MBTs is named after General Alfred Williams, a former United States Army general who specialized in armor. Alfred and other officers and soldiers joined the remnants of the UN Peacekeepers during the late 2060s, providing a core of professional soldiers and allowed the various former UN groups to survive in a world becoming less and less sane.

Power Generation

Hydrogen Fuel Cell, 2,250kW (MBT-01 to MBT-01A6)/Fusion Cell, 2,750kW (MBT-01A7 to MBT-01A9)


Hybrid Electric Drive driven Treads

Weapons & Armament

  • Main Armament: 150mm L/50 Smoothbore (MBT-01 to MBT-01A2)/90mm L50 Electro-Thermal Chemical Flashboard Large Area Emitter (ETC-FLARE) Cannon (MBT-X1A3 to MBT-01A5)/105mm L/55 ETC-FLARE Cannon (MBT-X1A6 to MBT-X1A7)/105mm L/55 ETC-FLARE in automated turret mount (MBT-01A8)/65mm L/55 Coilgun in automated turret mount (MBT-X1A9 to MBT-01A9 all from SolForce White Section
  • Coaxial Armament: 15.5mm HMG (MBT-01 to MBT-01A5)/15.5mm HMG ETC-FLARE (MBT-01A6 to MBT-01A9)
  • Secondary Armament: 15.5mm HMG or 60mm AGL on RWS Mount (MBT-01 to MBT-01A5)/15.5mm HMG ETC-FLARE or 60mm AGL on RWS Mount (MBT-01A6 to MBT-01A9)
  • Countermeasures and Active Procection: 90mm countermeasure launchers (numerous, all models), 2x Trophy VI ADS (MBT-01 to MBT-01A5)/2x 2cm HardKill Laser ADS in CIWS mounts (MBT-01A6 to MBT-01A9)

Armor and defense

  • Armor: Standard MBT Composite Armor (usually a combination of metallic ceramics, nanotubes, and numerous other materials), 250mm front, 175mm sides, 75mm rear, 100mm top
  • Electronic Countermeasures: SolForce White Section Standard Small Vehicular Electronic Warfare Suite

Communication Tools & Systems

  • Communications: SolForce White Section Standard Communications Array Mk 2 OR SolForce White Section Tank Platoon Command Vehicle Communications Array Mk 2


  • Sensors: SolForce White Section Standard Tank Sensor Suite Mk 2

Main Battle Tank
Predator Tank
SolForce Red Section, Armaments and Procurement Bureau
Owning Organization
SolForce Army
1,500,000 SolForce Credits
Guaranteed (Standard MBT of SolForce, older models replaced other tanks in the militia role over the centuries)
8.25 Meters
4.5 Meters
2.75 Meters
65 Tons
Top speed of 80km/h on-road/50km/h off-road
4; 1x Commander, 1x Gunner, 1x EW officer, 1x Driver

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