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Indian Lawless Zone


Despite the fact that the The Pakistani-Indian Nuclear War devastated the subcontinent, the area is still inhabited by the numerous ethnic groups of India. Despite the north-eastern portion -and pockets as far as New Delphi- of the sub-continent still heavily irradiated to this day, the subcontinent is still inhabited. The myriad of warlords that rule the area -alongside a sizable contingent of the SolForce Earth-side military- have constantly fought each other for control of the subcontinent, but in a twist of fate, the situation has many similarities with Sengoku Jidai era Japan where uniting all of India had more obstacles than simply other warlords and terrain.   While desertification has grown somewhat from the Kasmir area, India is simply a harsher version of itself that has intense pockets and areas of radiation. While the remaining megacities of India
Alternative Name(s)
Indian War Zone
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