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Go through a 3-month basic training regimen and pass a proficiency examination at the end of the basic training period. Failure means washing out and waiting for a 3-month period before trying again.


Alive, able to accept genetic and cybernetic implants, and have a functioning brain for basic training acceptance. Must pass a proficiency examination


Following the lawful commands of their superior officers, fighting for the rights and freedoms of SolForce citizens


All SolForce military personnel have extensive pension plans in addition to the starting salary of 750,000 SolCredits per Month, an extensive medical plan (including psychological and dental), and standard military insurance policy of 2,000,000 SolCredits.

Civic, Military, Not Commissioned
Alternative Naming
Private First Class
Length of Term
1 Tour of Duty lasts on average 6 years with an average of 2 years of inactive service between Tours of Duty

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