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A Most Excellent World

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It has been 31 years after Bill S. Preston Esquire and Ted "Theodore" Logan founded Wyld Stallyns, went time traveling in a phone booth, earned an A+ on their history report, and learned that they are the Two Great Ones whose music will inspire a Utopian society in the far future.   70 years in the future Bill and Ted are struggling to establish the utopia that their music will inspire, as sinister forces seem to be crisscrossing the timeline and thwarting their efforts. They have done what they can, but as one actor from their time might say, "They're getting too old for this shit," and they have also discovered that this is too big a job for just two dudes.   So they have sent a call out across the timeline to dudes, dudettes, and nonbinary...uh...dudexes to hop into a phone booth, ride the circuits of time, and help keep history on track.

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Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K

Cypher System

Bill S. Preston, Esquire and Ted "Theodore" Logan send out a call for a select few to help save their future utopia.

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