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A Message From the Resistors of "Ekûminopubliss"

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Seventh month 18, 3019

To whomever may be receiving this message:

This is a warning from the resistors of “Ekûminopubliss,” do not become a citizen of this horrid prison. Everything you have heard up until now is fake, that isn’t the real city we have been living in. For example do you really trust that all food being supplied by the government is a good thing? It’s all laced with trackers, sound-vision receivers, and tiny machines which can kill you in an instant if you see something you are not supposed to. It pumps up your adrenaline and stress while removing melatonin in your brain so that people work harder. Speaking of work when the brochure said that you “would never have to worry about a job” they neglected to mention the fact that people here work eighteen hours a day with one hour of free time. If you can even call it free time, only sanctioned and scheduled activities are allowed so you aren’t really free at all. And at the nineteenth hour of the day when you have dinner guess what it is filled with? Sleep pills, so you don’t get any[i/] extra free time and get just enough sleep to work eighteen hours the next day. If you don’t finish your eighteen hour shift you will be given time in jail.

You are only given “the best medicine possible in the galaxy” when you are not too sick to be useful again quickly, when somebody gets just a bit too sick they choose to let them die and then frame it as a tragic accident. Don't even think for a second that the “helper” system is so amazing, all that “helpers” are are people who didn’t qualify for their chosen job in greater school, which is half of the population. Because of this, school is a cutthroat battle between people trying to not get stuck being a glorified maid their entire[\i] lives Kids must essentially chose their profession when they are fifteen and then if they don’t get what they chose, they become “helpers” to somebody else. Of course most helpers neglect to mention that if they ever try to disobey their “helpee” aka master, they will instantly be “rehabilitated” in prison. By the way you probably already guessed this by now but prisoners are not rehabilitated, they are tortured for days and days on end until they are essentially senile work robots. Of course the “trials” to become a member of the government are the most ominous things in the galaxy once you see the effects on those who come back from them. People don't just come back to their fall-back jobs when they come back, they come back completely different people as if they’ve just experienced something beyond our imagination. By this we can assume that everybody in the government is just a lifeless zombie who has experienced some kind of sickening horror. Would make sense if they were because they don’t care about us, they write laws like “It is illegal to create societal disorder,” which is a fancy way of saying, “never step out of line, never speak your mind, never disobey your commands, never be unique or you are going to the torture prison!” We aren’t even allowed to send messages out of the city without access to one of the message receivers, it’s 3019! You don’t need “message receivers” anymore, your phone can probably contact a planet seven galactic arms away anyways, not that you get to keep any of your possessions when entering the city.

The real reason this city only comes around once every twelve years for a few months to each planet is simply because that way people will make spur of the moment decisions to join this cursed place without thinking. Surely the ones on top are who benefit most, this entire city is one big factory powered by human beings, what they are selling is still unknown to us but with every worker they are the ones earning more. Most importantly who could have ever thought splitting people by their political beliefs would not have any repercussions? People are insanely xenophobic and completely hate change here due to the government only telling them what they want to hear within their district, they control everything kids hear in school and the non-hearing of adults, never striking any controversy or independent thought. Nobody ever tries to change anything here, except us, we do want to change things. If you come here, you can’t leave, you can’t run away, it’s just essentially a moon sized prison isolated in space so its inmates cannot escape. Writing this is most likely going to get somebody killed but we are still sending this message so that whoever you are you can either turn back and cancel your trip, or join us to fight this wicked institution. Miracles are not born here; This is Where Freedom Goes to Die.

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