The Triskelion

Big. Neutral. Triangular.

The Triskelion is the last Magic Tower left standing from the Age of Magic. It is unknown who the original builders were due to all pertaining records becoming lost or destroyed. A few Dwarven Mason clans independently claim sole responsibility for the construction, but the unique design of the Tower does not match any known Dwarven architectural styles. It is estimated that the Triskelion was originally built in approximately 900 EM and has since stood for over 1,200 years.

Purpose / Function

The Triskelion structure is a university and dormitory. Since its founding the tower has provided facilities to study both arcane and mundane knowledge. As of the start of the Age of Regrowth, the tower is the only place in Miras where magic is performed unabated by societal or economic influence (for better or worse). The tower itself contains the world's largest archive of arcane artifacts along with the oldest private library in Miras.


Since its construction, several additions were made to the central tower's complex, such as dormitories and gardens, to accommodate the growing student body. A total of one dozen magical wards were erected over the centuries in the form of stone spires along the tower ground's perimeter (App. 50 ER). These wards have dual-purpose designs to both protect the Triskelion from outside forces and protect Roue D'or from wayward tower experiments.


The tower's name comes from it's unique three-sided shape. Historical records show the orientation of the tower's corners were originally aligned with the regions natural ley lines placing the tower at a magical crossroads; however, modern scholars studying the ley lines show that this is not precise. While the tower is indeed built atop a ley line crossing, the corners of the Triskelion are not aligned. Arguments are made as to whether the records are flawed or that the ley lines have moved in the millennia since the tower was erected. The Triskelion's placement at these crossroads grant the tower increased stability while many mages gather in one area. Previous Towers of Magic had experienced disruptions in magic and in the case of the Tower of Wort, total magical burnout.  


  The Triskelion is made up of 42 floors of polished granite. The outer walls do not taper and remain flat. The roof of the tower is sloped to one side, leaving the eastern facing wall higher than the western-most corner.  

Floors 1-5


Composed of common areas: kitchens, dining areas, public offices (admittance and government facing). These floors also contain the tower's oldest dormitories whose rooms are reserved for the youngest students.

Floors 16-24

Consists solely of living quarters for Triskelion professors and Tower Mages.

Floors 5-15


Contains classrooms and laboratories for primary students. These rooms are for mundane academics and low-tier magic studies. Floor seven houses the main library.

Floors 25-35


Contains advanced laboratories and research halls. Typically inaccessible to non-Tower Mages or non-faculty. Floor thirty-five houses the Elder's Library for books/records considered dangerous or sensitive.

  Floors 5-15 and 25-35 share an open area that allows for increased air flow and mobility between floors for magic users. Advanced mages can quickly navigate between these floors using magical means.   Floors 36-42 are reserved for the Grand Arcanist's personal use; including private studies and living quarters for their family and retainers. These are located where the tower's roof begins its slope making these floors smaller in area than the floors below.   The Triskelion's basement floors descend nine levels. Only the first and second levels are permitted for students/guests. Floors three through nine require prior approval to access for they contain the the Tower's most dangerous artifacts and secrets.



  Founded by First Arcanist Bhíralíze during the Age of Magic and since standing for over a millennium, making the Triskelion one of the world’s oldest structures still in continuous use. Contemporary records remark on Bhíralíze’s schism with another (unnamed) mage cloister after gathering his own following. Breaking off of the previous group, the new cloister founded the Triskelion mage organization.  

The Destruction of the Towers of Magic

  Unlike other towers of magic who were remote and isolated, the Triskelion was unique in that it was located near an existing population. Due to the coincidental kindness of the then Grand Arcanist, the Triskelion had good social standing with the local population. Because of this uncommon political situation at the time, the tower and its mages were sparred in the revolution against the towers of magic that marked the end of the Age of Magic. Because of this, the Triskelion continued to grow and became the largest arcane university in history.  

Unopposed Growth

  Since the start of the Age of Regrowth, the Tower served as the sole Arcane University in Miras. Because of the lack of alternatives, all persons who wished to study magic would turn to the Triskelion for instruction. Without any opposition, the Triskelion quickly gained the sole authoritative voice in the world for magic related issues. While the organization grew in power so did the tower grow in regional influence. As more students joined the university, more space was needed to house them. The tower's leadership legislated a deal with the ruling governors of Roue D'or for additional land. In exchange for control of the immediate area around the tower (which had been settled by residents of the city), the organization agreed to man the city's defenses with Tower Mages. On the tower's 12th centennial celebration, the Triskelion announced its resident population had exceeded 14,000 active members and students (including Mages currently in permanent positions abroad).  

The Siege of 814 ER

  Following the city fires in 812 ER caused by Demon Lord Akante's attempted invasion from Lon'Dun, a garrison of Whitecloaks formed outside the city walls of Roue D'or. Despite many attempts, the soldiers were unable to enter the city due to the entry ban set by the Merchant Kings decades prior. Over the next two years, tensions grew between the Whitecloak garrison and the Tower Mages who patrolled the walls above them. The Whitecloaks believed the Triskelion had purposely summoned the demons with forbidden magic and as such incurred the scrutiny of a Whitecloak General. Rumors spread that the Triskelion housed a population of devils within its mysterious basement levels.   In Kotallah of 814 ER, a company of Whitecloak soldiers broke through the city walls under the cover of night despite the threat of igniting a war against Roue D'or. In a brief, bloody siege against the Triskelion, the Whitecloak General made their way into the deepest level of the tower's undercroft. It has been questioned how the soldiers were able to penetrate the tower's defenses; some believe bribery of key positions and internal collusion was involved (the full investigation has been kept classified by tower officials).   After the General was captured and later extradited to Aster Prienne (the Whitecloak city-state) it was revealed that the General had indeed discovered a prison of sorts inhabited by Tieflings, Deep Folk, and other proclaimed 'dark-kin'. Rumors spread that these inhabitants were secretly experimented on by the Triskelion, others professed that they must be malevolent actors who were captured by the Tower Mages. Because of the General's lack of evidence and poor faith against the Whitecloaks because of their illegal invasion, the Merchant Kings dismissed all allegations against the Triskelion.
Before he could even see the city gate, Karl witnessed the grey tower rise over his royal procession. It was the first time he had seen the legendary Triskelion and it had broken all expectations. Ambrose has certainly underplayed a few aspects, Karl thought, let's hope these talks go well.
Session #36: Class Reunion
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The Triskelion
by E. Jones
"They invited me to an advanced class in the dungeons! Third level down! Professor Horngrove said I was the youngest student to ever get invited... What? No, you can't come too. It's supposed to be a secret.
A young Licentious Crowds to Ambrose François, 786 ER
The world of A Lantern Broken
A high definition map of continent of Elis.


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A lot of towers lately. I like how your tower differs in Architecture from the surrounding city. After 100 years that is to be expected. Also the triangular shape gives it just the reight alienness for a mage tower. I also like that you left place for "flyers": Makes one wonder if it feels like the Citadel in mass effect (instead of scooters it would be mages flying around though).   Why are other towers standing abroad though? Was it a vicious cycle of People afraid -> Mage moves away -> People get more afraid. Are Mage towers bound to ley lines, and this tower was close to civilization just by accident (because the leylines cross here?).   Solid Article, and very fitting for a high magic world.

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Actually, the magic towers secluded themselves for the opposite reason. Originally Miras's mage population was mostly nobility. The nobles tended to use their magic for personal gain, making them even more rich and powerful. Eventually they wanted to get away from all of the icky poor people and built their towers far from them. There was a big divide between the mages and general population which caused a huge revolution that defined the end of the first age. I have a small historical event on my timeline here: The Destruction of the Towers of Magic

21 Feb, 2019 22:38

You are correct about the ley lines. It's a coincidence that the tower was built where it was. It was simply the most prudent choice when picking where it goes.

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Excellent work. You've established a very good idea of this tower's place in this world and its local culture; I particularly liked the bit about the dwarf clans each claiming responsibility, that's very realistic. I did notice a couple of typos that may need to be corrected; in the Session #36 quote toward the top, it reads "lets" when it should read "let's"; and in the last paragraph, there's an instance where "Whitcloak" instead of "Whitecloak". Otherwise, a great read.

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You said that it served as a fortification as well. You might describe the layout of its defenses and how magic may play a role or not. I like the dark background, but it was a little difficult to read the last few sections since they were blending into it.

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Wowzers this is extremely impressive work! You make great use of all the bbcode, you got maps, images and all that jazz. You do a fantastic layout with the floor mapping and the history was engaging!   Great Entry my friend!

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