"Letters to Iphabus"

In 520 EM, a band of explorers hired by the Iratoth mage cloister uncovered a cache of weathered papers and letters in the ruins of Henenn. The records were preserved at Iratoth until it's destruction at the end of the first era, where it was later again recovered by Triskelion historians.   During the Western Invasion conflict, nearly all records of civilization in the Northern Reaches were destroyed leaving little understanding of who the people who lived there were or where they went. The records discovered by the expedition team were found outside the Henenn ruins. contained in a sealed ceramic vase placed within a hollow hidden by a rock. As described by the explorers, it was a coincidence that the rock was cracked revealing the hollow beneath it; however modern scholars believe that there were some interpersonal struggles that lead to the breaking.   Contained within the vase were two dozen letters addressed to an individual named 'Iphabus', written by 'Jaida'. These records are believed to be written in the final days before Henenn was destroyed. Below are excerpts of translated letters from a young girl to her older brother.      
Iphabus,   Father brought a boy home with him yesterday. He's little like Dane, and really thin. Father says they think he's from Olanqa, and the elders are trying to find out if he knows what happened there. Mother asked if I could play with him to get him to talk more, but he's so quiet. I tried taking him to play with Ninny's dogs, but he jumps and hides every time a songbird sings. It was so frustrating.   I guess I'll keep trying though, Mother made me clean the pens when she heard I ditched him with Dane. I hope you write soon.
Iphabus,   That boy is still staying with us. Father says that since he doesn't have anywhere to go, we should help him. I wouldn't mind so much if he didn't cry every night. I know I should feel bad for him, but he won't let me help him or anything. I still can't get him to go out if any birds are nearby.   Ninny made me a new dress. I wore it out to town to pick up Father's parcels, and I overheard some soldiers talk about something they saw. They said there were some Shey'in soldiers in the hills up north and something about a chained man and a shadow? I don't know what it's all about but maybe it can help you.
Iphabus,   I heard Father tell Mother that Shey'in ships were seen near Henenn. They don't know I heard them, but I did.   I don't understand why they don't talk to me about --   [Illegible]   It's been so long since you've been home.
Iphabus,   The Shey'in ships are out on the water. They just sit out there. Father says we have to leave Henenn, but can't say when.   A black bird started to fly over the city. An enormous bird. It just flies over the town all day and never lands. The Olanqa boy ran off screaming when he saw it and now the elders can't find him. They think he knows what might be going on.   I snuck out last night to look at the Shey'in ships. It was hard to tell, but I could see the soldiers on their boats. They looked like they had someone out on the bow with a leash? Dane ended up following me out so I couldn't look longer. I don't know what's going on, but   I'm scared.   I don't think I'll be able to send this to you. But if you find this, we're going with Ninny to --   [Illegible]
Date of First Recording
Approximately 5 BEM (2,100+ years old)


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