A Lantern Broken

830 ER Sodoss 18

  A fantastical land of magic and wonder is beginning to enter a new age of chaos. Long ago the Elven god Ogorian was sealed away inside an ancient Lantern, until one day an adventurer named Ambrose François discovered the brass prison in a ruined temple. Now Ogorian is free and enacting catastrophes across the world. Warlocks, Demons, and the Old Gods bring about menace and despair throughout Miras and beyond. Kingdoms fall, and new legends rise.   Heroes the world over will band together to smite evil and return the world to its former state. However, despite all efforts, once something breaks it might never be whole again.   Meanwhile, the last magical academy in the world, The Triskelion, collects historical records from all corners of the continent. “Piecing the archives of the world together to reveal the secrets of time”, or so they say. Perhaps the great tower can use their knowledge to survive the growing storm, but for now we can hope to peer into their collection.
The world of A Lantern Broken
A high definition map of continent of Elis.