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Kingdom of Analatian

There was once three men that walked in to a tavern. One was a young farmer. One was a old knight. And one was a elven prince.
The three men started to drink together. And one by one they started to cry out their hate for the king and his men.
"He is a unjust man I tell you! He tax me and my kin far to hard. Why, just two days past his man toke my best cow!" the farmer cried.
"Ney, I say it is far worse! For he is a weak king! Five years past he let my rivals unlawfully steal my lands and force me in to exile!" the knight cried.
"Ha! My grievance is far greater then both or yours!" cried the elf. "For the kings grandfather once toke my wine cup from me and drank it before my very eyes!"
The moral of the story is that a elf never forgets or forgives and injustice done to them.  
    • Old Atian joke
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Demography and Population

The whole of the Population

55% of the people are alderians. 28% are orcs or half-orcs. Only 15% are elves. 1.5% are foreign traders and the last 0.5% are tame trolls.

The Nobility

34% of the nobles are elves and 32% are orcs or half-orcs. 34% of all nobles are human. This is the nation where the Blood Knights have have their greatest fortresses and where most of their number mothers are born. Those orcs play a key part of this nations politics.

We are the Heart of the Imperium

Geopolitical, Kingdom
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Power Structure
Feudal state
Economic System
Market economy
Often called the coins of the North as next to all nations of the north of Quentania use this coins. The coins of the system are:
  1. Gold Crowns - Their called this because they have a crown stamped on one side and the likeness of the nations monarch on the other.
  1. Silver Swords - So called because an image of a sword is stamped on one side of the coin. One Crown is worth 100 Swords.
  1. Copper Shields - Whom get their name because of the shield stamped on one of the coins sides. One Sword is worth 100 Shields.
Parent Organization
The Imperium of Nadrac
Related Ethnicities

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