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Goddess of All (a.k.a. The Mother or the Holy Mother)

Oh, Mother give me of your endless love, so that I may love those whom I live among.
And grant our bodies the power of life and glory, so that we may conceive a child.
And bless our lands so that they may bare fruits, so that we may feed our children.
And keep your mercy full hand over us, so that we may live and worship you, oh Mother.
For yours is the power, the love and the beauty in all eternity.   /Prayer for fertility and love
  The Allmother is one of the true gods according to Baltazarism. She is the mother of all life and created the world together whit her husband the Allfather. This two are described as a pair of perfect beings made out of golden light. The Mother is the most loving and forgiving of the two. She gives all whom are born the blessing of life.   She is the source of love. The giver of restraint and wealth. She wants us mortals to be kind to one another and spread the love of life. And she grows disappointed when we act out of greed and hatred.

Divine Domains

As the one true goddess she has dominion over all things. Tho much of her power lay in:   Fertility - Both good harvests and childbirth are her gifts to mankind.   Love - Tho both the Allmother and the Allfather love all of their children, its she that gives the power to love to mankind.   Wealth - It is by the Mothers mercy that the people are allowed to bask in natures abundance.   Restraint - It is whit the grace of the Mother that people might hold back their lower instincts and darker desires.

Holy Books & Codes

There are a three texts written by the first Baltazariens. This texts are:   The Song of Divine Love - Written by the Prophet Baltazar himself. It describes the Allfather and Allmother and the visions the Prophet where given by them. Outlining the core beliefs of the Baltazarien faith and its values.   The Crown of Light - Written by Baltazars youngest son, Alderune. It declares the worship of his elder brother Siaman, the First Patriarch, to be a false practice. It also proclaims that the Holy Father and Holy Mother shall chose a king from among there followers.   The Crown of Demons - Written by Baltazars oldest son, Siaman. It denounces "The Crown of Ligh" and Alderune as heretics. It also proclaims that the Holy Father and Holy Mother are reborn to the earth whit in Siaman and his wife, and that they will do so again and again till the end of time.

Tenets of Faith

Tho both gods of Baltazarism faith want their children to follow all of the six Virtues, the Allmother is the one whom commanded Baltazar to teach his followers about; Generosity, Love and Restraint.  


Those whom seek my love and favor should give of their wealth to others. Those whom give to the poor, I shall love. Those whom aid the weak, I shall love. Those whom tend to the sick and those whom care for the dying, I shall love. But most of all shall I love those whom love their children and keep them from harm.


Those whom seak my love and favor, must first give of their love. For every time you show love to your kin, my love for you shall grow. Every time you show love to you neighbors, my love for you shall grow. Every time you show love to your spouse, my love for you shall grow. But most of all my love for you shall grow, every time you show love towards your children.


Those whom seek my love and favor most learn restraint. For those whom care more for their gold then their fellow man, I can not love. Those whom seek only to fill their own belly's at the expense of others, I can not love. Those whom love only whit their bodies and not whit their hearts, I can not love. But most of all, those whom do not care about the children of this world I truly could never love!

Divine Goals & Aspirations

Her goal is the continuation of life and prosperity of her children. Her followers believe that she does this by blessing mothers at birth whit more strength and the harvest whit good weather.


Family Ties

Married to the Allfather



Prophet (Vital)

Towards Allmother




Goddess (Vital)

Towards Baltazar



Divine Classification
The One True Goddess
Biological Sex

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