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First started in December of 2017, Worldember is a challenging and grueling competion, originally to write 6000 new words in your world from the 1st of December to the 31st.   Originally, three Badges were given out.  

Worlember Competitor Granted to any user that broke 6000 words written in new Articles for the month.
Worldember Winner Granted to the user with the most favorites on their World during the month.
Novel Achievement Granted to any user that broke 50,000 words written in the month. That's a lot of words!


First begun by Dimitris Havlidis and Janet Forbes, Worldember began as a way to challenge and inspire the Community As the first real Competition on the site, many regular conventions of Competions were not yet codified. Here, the first iteration of the Word Count Meter was born, as well as the seeds of the Community Feature, such as commenting!

Components and tools

World Anvil Account Used for making worlds, a WA Account must be activated to partake in the challenge.
Blank Articles Don't go premaking your stuff to upload the day the compettion starts! A good competitor waits till December 1st to start writing!
Inspiration Use $inspire on the World Anvil Discord, or checkout the #worldbuilding-prompts channel for inspiraton!

Previous Winners

Most Favorited

Novel Achievement

Keys to Success The best way to ensure people read and favorite your articles is to share them! Stats show that a properly formatted article that is shared on social media or with other users is able to get 1 favorite for every 30 views.It's not a perfect science, nor and exact art, but sharing is the best way to improve.


Author's Notes

While informative, this article was also written for the 72 hour flash challenge to use the WA Competition Page!

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GorgeFodder - Former Forge Father & Former Community Director of World Anvil
25 Apr, 2018 20:40

But its so good! Its Meta! Can you not see it?!

26 Apr, 2018 08:54

You have my hearts.

GorgeFodder - Former Forge Father & Former Community Director of World Anvil
27 Apr, 2018 22:04

That's all I require.

27 Sep, 2019 04:30

Is everyone automatically participating or do you have to sign up?

28 Sep, 2019 06:34

As long as you have an account, the site will automatically track your overall word count of all non-draft, non-private articles over 50 words.