WorldAnvil Discord

What is Discord

Discord is text chat application (with the addition of voice for some channels. At World Anvil we use discord for
  • Helping each other with our World Building
  • Developing World Anvil and have Discussions regarding upcoming features, bugs and ideas
  • Run community competitions
  • Having fun and meeting other people sharing the same passion for world building


When you will first join Discord you will notice that people are separated into different ranks. Below you will find a list of these ranks and what they actually mean!  



Honorary Users


Voluntary Roles

Anvil Assistant For those who want to help in #help. Artist For visual artists. You use #artwork-and-design Cartographer For mapmakers. You use #mapmaking. Competitor For those who want to be notified of competitions. Programmer Unlocks #coders-anonymous. CSS User For developing World Anvil CSS. Unlocks #css-help. Editor For those willing to help proof World Anvil articles. Formatter For those willing to help article visual design. GameMaster Unlocks #gamemastery. Historian For Historians. Lexicographer Unlocks #conlangs Lightning Challenge For those who want to be in #lightning-challenges Mobile User For those willing to troubleshoot site mobile issues. Musician Unlocks #musicians. RPG Designer Unlocks #rpg-design. Scribe For those of you like to discuss writing content. Tabletop Gamers For players of all kinds of rpg. Video Gamers For video gamers. Worldsmith For anyone designing worlds.

Public Agenda

To make World Building a fun and productive process. To make sure that World Anvil is built by the community for the community.
If you are having trouble connecting your Patreon Rewards to Discord read more about How to Tame the Patreon-Discord Beast
Guild, Craftsmen
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