Creative director, photoshop wizard and creator of Udans.


Hello! I'm , creative director for the World Anvil Team!

I'm the creator of the mischievous little sushi-devourers called Udans. I'm currently working on my fantasy world called Melio! If you fancy a read, check out my world here!

As part of the community team, I am a friendly face in the crowd and I help out by answering all of your World Anvil related questions and join in with some creative world building sessions. Behind the scenes I help organise and run the World Anvil community events with the other Enchanters (who are all lovely by the way, so check out their pages too!) and do lots of graphic design, advertising and css work for the site.

I've had so much fun since joining this amazing, creative community - I find it so inspiring every day to see what incredible things that everyone has been working on. I have also had some really lovely feedback on my own world building, which has given me a huge boost of motivation to continue making new things!

Outside of World Anvil (if such a place exists anymore) I am a creative polymath - jack of all creative trades, master of as many as I can put enough time into. I'm always creating things in Photoshop and I enjoy laid back gaming in my spare time and am a big fan of The Elder Scrolls series, but there will always be a soft spot in my heart for stealth games such as Dishonored after growing up playing Thief: The Dark Project.

TJ Trewin

Creative Director
World Anvil Team
Creator of Udans

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  • Swords
  • Lego
  • Anything voiced by Stephen Russell
  • Anything pink
  • Wasps
  • Olives

Don't count the days,
make the days count.

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