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So you wish to be a Redditor, eh? It's a tough nut to crack. Intimidating at first, at least for me. Once you learn the ways of the subreddits though, your world will surely benefit. The Redditors are a fickle but helpful people, giving inspiration and feedback to those who earn their favor.
— Wise Man Barron


Maintaining your Status

Like any social endeavor, Reddit is a give and take. Sharing your world should be supplemented by engaging with others as well. Take the time to comb through the front pages, give comments and feedback where you feel like you can contribute. You might be pleasantly surprised how often you can both respond and help others and share your own world at the same time.  

Preparing for a Post

When preparing to execute a Reddit post, it is important to be prepared with the following
  • An Article you are proud of and have put effort into
  • A good short summary of your article
  • (Recommended) A couple of questions to other worldbuilders related to your article
  • (Recommended) A cover image on your article and for the Reddit post
On the third and fourth point, engaging the world building community is a two-way relationship. When you are making a post, it pays to not only engage the community through questions but to entice them to partake in your content.
A picture is worth a thousand words? For Reddit I'd say a good picture is worth a thousand links.
— Wise Man Barron
Images, if you can find or make them (Ask an Enchanter if you want tips on this), garner far more attention than a URL. While they are often more complicated to set up, going through the effort to properly set up image-based articles can really bring in the community.


While many subreddits have different little tricks and rules (look at some example posts to get hints) generally you are going to need to talk about what you are bringing to the table.   See the below example of a good formula for a post done for /r/worldbuilding.  


Give a description and sell it

The Asteroid Drags are yearly sports events that occur in the system of Perduro. The event involves racers and their team creating a Meteor Racer from an asteroid in the Perdurian belt. They are given a week to complete this task with nothing but basic tools and supplies. At the end of the week, a 'jockey' suits up, enters his teams Meteor Racer and competes in a 100-strong race around a volatile section of the asteroid belt. The losers face their defeat and watch their vessels be destroyed, the winner gains one hundred thousand credits and keeps their Meteor Racer as their own.   The Event attracts millions of spectators to the Perduro System, and trillions tune in on the Æthernet.

Ask for feedback/ideas get a conversation going

I'm curious what sort of sports you guys have made in your world and how you made them unique. I'd also love some feedback on my own if you think there are any rules or concepts of the event that I should flesh out!
  As a disclaimer, this was a submission for the World Anvil Summer Camp under the prompt "What is the most popular sport in your world? Explain the rules."

Recommended Subreddits

Helpful Resources

Important Details

  • Use Image Posts for images that are your own or public domain
  • If you use art you do not own, fully credit the original source and author
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