Sparks were honored users who accepted the task of helping grow the Discord community and promote worldbuilding.



  • Active in the Discord community
  • Genuine Interest in other's worlds
  • Friendly and engaging personality
  • Ability to commit a couple hours a day or so to the Discord.



Discord Engagement
Sparks are expected to help keep conversation alive and polite within the Discord, and to do so by example. Ask people about their worlds and encourage them to share their work and comment on others'. Sparks are not expected to moderate problem users in the Discord—that is the job of the Moderation Team.

Anvil Assistance
All Sparks are expected to take the Anvil Assistant role and work to understand the website and its functionality so that they can help clear up any confusion.
Lightning Challenges
Lightning Challenges are non-contest challenges that anyone can put forth to the community but which are typically organized by staff. While Lightning Challenges aren't a requisite aspect of being a Spark, they are a great tool for the Spark to use in encouraging people to worldbuild.
Spotlight Engagement
As an extension of Discord Engagement, keep an eye on ongoing spotlights, engage them, and encourage others to join in by politely encouraging them over from the general channels should they express an interest in hearing about worlds and such.

Social Status

While Sparks are not full Staff, they still enjoy an inside look inside of the inner machinations of the Royal Court, and thus get to weigh in on upcoming matters. They are an honored user.

Public Relations
Sparks are not full staff members or paid representatives of World Anvil, they are avid volunteers who have been chosen and accepted to help with community growth.
Disbandment The Sparks disbanded after their mission was complete. They helped to set the tone of the Discord, and so turned in their cloaks nad once more assimilated into the community.


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