Guide to the Quick Buttons

World Anvil has three buttons that are always visible in any section of the Authoring Panel (two of which are also available in the presentation view). These quick buttons have very different kinds of functionality —what they have in common is the way they speed up the workflow if you choose to integrate them into your worldbuilding.   While in presentation view, the green and purple buttons are visible, but when you're in the Authoring Panel, they are hidden behind the plus circle button. Just click it to make the three buttons visible:  


Green button

The green button is the right-most button and it has a hammer icon. Its main purpose is to provide quick navigation between the different interface of World Anvil. When you press it, the following interface will pop-up:  

green button annotated.png

  The pop-up has two sections, highlighted in different colors::
  • Article creation menu (green): click on the different template names to quickly create a new article with the full editor, which will open in the same tab (ctrl+click to open in a new tab).
  • Other content creation menu (purple): click the kind of content you want to create, and it will take you to a page to create a new one.

Purple button

The purple button is the central button and it has an inkwell icon. You can use it to quickly create articles (and other kinds of content) on the fly without leaving the article you are working on. When you click it, you will see this interface:  
purple button annotated.png
  Let's break down the highlighted sections:  
  • Content type toggle (red): by default it's on "article", but you can switch between the different options (article, category, event, note, secret, TODO) to switch between the different kinds of contents available. When you click a different option, the form on the screenshot will be switched by the proper one. This section will only explain the article form, but you should be able to work out how the rest work!
  • Article contents (blue): use these three fields to write a sentence or two about the article. The top field is the article title, the middle text box is the vignette, and the bottom one is for GM seeds (you can leave the two big text boxes blank).
  • Article settings (green): choose the article template (top right drop-down, privacy state, category, and wether the article is a draft or not (checked by default).
  After you click the Create Article button, you'll get a couple of BBCode tags to link or embed the article you just created anywhere. This gif is an example of the purple button in action:  

Blue button

The blue button is the left-most one and has a mirror icon (it's only available in the Authoring Panel). You can use it to quickly upload images on the fly while you are working on an article. When you click it, this interface will pop up:  
  This is the button with the simplest interface:  
  • Upload area (red): drag and drop a file here to upload it or click it to browse your computer files. After a checkmark icon appears on the images, click the Save Image button to finish uploading it to your world.
  • Gallery picker (cyan): this drop-down contains a list of all your world's galleries. Pick a gallery before saving the image and it will be saved directly on the gallery you specified.
  You can upload multiple images at once, and they will all be saved to the same gallery. After you save the images, you'll get a BBCode tag for each image that you can copy and past anywhere to insert them. This gif is an example of the blue button in action:  


What's the intended workflow for these buttons?
The quick buttons were created with the idea that writers would be able to work without having to open dozens of tabs (image upload, creation of side articles, etc.). However, they can be used in a variety of ways, and it's up to you to decide which workflows are best for you! The animated gifs under the purple and blue buttons sections show how you can use them while writing an article, but you might find that you don't really need them —it's up to you.
Images take a long time to upload with the blue button! What do I do?
Try uploading them in smaller groups, and it should work!

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Check out the worlds of Solis Empire, Magic Earth, Ithir and Vyraj
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