Lightning Challenges

What are they?

Lightning Challenges are community-fueled challenges given out by Enchanters or by users marked with the Emcee role. They are run 2-5 times a week depending on availability and other activities.   Credit goes to PatheticBarrel for starting the trend.   Anyone can write and hold a lightning challenge! To do so, just DM a Spark on Discord with the date, brief and topic.  

Good Etiquette

Keep your Competitors up-to-date with time remaining. We recommend using TimeAndDate and giving Competitors a ping halfway through the challenge and again an hour or two before it's due.

  Read and review all entries. Half the fun in competing is in knowing someone's reading it!

What We Look For

Thought-provoking prompts which apply broadly to many settings and which encourage some critical thought in directions people might now have considered or which perhaps most of us are already itching to write about.

Discord Rules

    -These are not Competitions, and are for encouraging writing of new articles. As such, the Competitor role will no longer be Pinged for Lightning Challenges. Instead, the Lightning Challenge told will be used instead.   -Any discussion points/clarifications will be deleted prior to the next Challenge beginning.   -All Entries should be PM'd to the Challenger. They may be freely shared elsewhere, but must be PM'd for entry.   -No Lighting Challenge will last longer than 24 Hours.   -No Lightning Challenge will require less than 400 words, but they will be limited to no more than 2000 words.   -Entries will be shared as a set for community viewing. IF YOU WISH TO KEEP YOURS ONLY BETWEEN YOU AND THE CHALLENGER LET THEM KNOW IN YOUR PM   -Bonus Points- Optional Requirement(s) that if met, will get your entry shared among the various WA Social Media outlets!  

Social Media Lightning

  Don't have, or don't want to use Discord? No problem! Starting with Lighting Challenge #xx, all future challenges are available for Entry via your Social Media Platform of choice. Only one Entry per user!   Keep an eye out for Lighting on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, G+, Instagram, and others!


Started due to PatheticBarrel having a slow week at work and wanting to increase the amount of new articles being written on World Anvil. The original set of Challenges ran for 7 straight days.

Lightning Challenges

Standard Rules

Word Limits All Lightining Challenges will require at least 400 words. Maximum Word Count is 2500 words.
Template/Feature Requirements Some Lightning Challenges require the use of specific World Anvil Template or Special Feature.
Time Limits Lightning Challenges will run for a minimum of 6 hours, and no longer than 24 hours.


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