Lightning Challenge #37 (Complete)

War is Hell

Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori
— Wilfred Owens, 1918 Dolce et decorum est.
  It is often said that a war does not start with bullet, but with words and so on this, The November of 2018, I say we look back in time. On this day, in 1918, a war which had started with over 65 million strong, ended with a signature in a passenger car in France. World War I, a war of experimentation, necessity, and bloodshed, came to a close on 11 AM, November 11, 1918. To honor this, I ask the community to create an entry based around a great war in their world.

Components and tools


All users welcome!
Everyone is free to participate in this WWI themed challenge

Min. Words 500

Max Words 2000

Template Use the Generic or Conflict template.
Time Limit
  • PST:End on at November 12th at 9:00
  • BST:End on at November 12th at 18:00
Here is a link to a timer countdown


This challenge has a prize!
The winner will receive a copy of "All is Quiet On The Western Front", an excellent classic by Erich Remarque about World War I.   The criteria will be based around Historical believability and Thoroughness.   If you have any questions about this, contact the Emcee, @Barbarossa#7361, in the discord, or comment with your questions below.


The entry must be of a war declaration or a war treaty that has either started or ended a war in your world and has only three requirements.
  1. It must show what nations or entities are going to war or ending
  2. The war in question and what is gained or what is wished to be gained
  3. Why the war is beginning or ending

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