Lightning Challenge #35 (Complete)

The Dread Equinox

I'm not afraid of the beast I see in the forest. We know them. What I fear are the nightmares so ghastly that man buried its name.
  While monsters often live amongst the frailty of flesh that is humanity, some of the most frightening things lay in wait. Barred from contact by powerful forces, they look forward to the night where their prison walls are ever so thin.   What horrific entity roams the world on the night when the spiritual veil is thinnest?

Components and tools


All users welcome!
Everyone is free to participate in this Halloween themed challenge

Min. Words 500

Max Words 1500

Template Use the Character, Species, or Location template.
Time Limit
  • PST:End on at November 3rd at 12:00
  • BST:End on at November 3rd at 20:00
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This challenge has a prize!
The winner will win Steam copy of Civilization V OR (for Non-Guild Members), one month of Apprenticeship (Tikal's Vassal for the month).   One winner will be chosen.   If you have any questions about this, contact the Emcee, Tikal, in the discord, or comment with your questions below.


I'm looking for something that that truly horrifies the denizens of your world on the spookiest night of the year. So I'm looking for three main things.
  1. Does it feel like something worthy of notoriety even amongst the other normal monsters?
  2. Writing that provokes imagery and mood. The best scary stories are ones that make you imagine the scene and shudder at the creature.
  3. Full use of the World Anvil templates. On the internet sometimes horror is built using the visual elements of a page. Imaginative use of quotes, pictures, sidebar, etc can really make an article shine. Go wild!

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