Lightning Challenge #34 (Complete)

Powerful Women

Hosted by Dimitris Havlidis

Today we honour the Queen of Bananas, the Mistress of the Anvil and the love of my life Janet! It's her birthday and I would like to celebrate by challenging you to write an article for one of the most strong and powerful women in your world! Standard Lightning Challenge rules apply - Have fun! and with her Happy birthday on her profile!
— Dimitris

Components and tools


All users welcome!

Min. Words 300

Max Words 1000

Time Limit
  • PST:Start at Sept 13th at 23:00
  • BST:Start at Sept 14th at 19:00
Here is a link to a timer countdown


This challenge has no prizes!
The Emcee will be reading and commenting on all articles. The spirit is to get you to worldbuild!   If you have any questions about this, contact the Emcee, Dimitris, in the discord, or comment with your questions below.

What is this?

Lightning Challenges are community created challenges to inspire you to think about aspects of your world you might not have before!   Challenges may be hosted by users and staff alike. Contact Ademal to host your own in the future.  
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14 Sep, 2018 09:49

14 Sep, 2018 13:19

Empress Zatana Abernu
Character | Mar 26, 2019

A ruler of the United Galaxy, both cunning and cold.

  The article is made awhile ago, and it might be cheating. But I would like some criticism.

14 Sep, 2018 14:12

14 Sep, 2018 14:16

14 Sep, 2018 16:00
14 Sep, 2018 16:40

Feila Gealach
Character | Sep 20, 2018
One little thingy waiting on a Enhancment, but otherwise done for now!

14 Sep, 2018 19:51

Ah, didn’t know I was supposed to post here XD First time I’m doing a lighting challenge so I only posted it in the channel.

14 Sep, 2018 19:54