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Fairy tales are more than true: not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten.
— Neil Gaiman
  Since time immemorial have people huddled around a campfire and told each other tales of the the terrible horrors and grand wonders that lurk just outside, there beyond the reach of the firelight.   Often these tales tell less of a story and say more about the people and their beliefs, fears and ideals.   When in your world people hear rustling in the night what fable causes them to shiver? If clothing is blown away by a playful wind what mischievous creatures do tired mothers blame for stealing them?   I want you to write me a story told as a storyteller might recite it to his audience concerning a fairy-tale in your world (use the Vignette box) and also fill in the section concerning the historical basis, explaining what event or idea might have sparked someone to tell the tale. Lastly fill in the Variations section concerning the various alterations made to the tale throughout the ages (if relevant).  
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Min. Words 500

Max Words 2000

Template Myth/Legend
Time Limit
  • PST:Start at Sept 7th at 10:00
  • BST:Start at Sept 7th at 18:00
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This challenge has no prizes!
The Emcee will be reading and commenting on all articles. The spirit is to get you to worldbuild!   If you have any questions about this, contact the Emcee, Lludolphijj, in the discord, or comment with your questions below.

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7 Sep, 2018 23:03

A good story can always earn a drink if you're an old hand.

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8 Sep, 2018 22:11

Calm Water, Quiet Trees
Myth | Sep 8, 2018

Who the hell does this guy think he is?
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Benjamin Andula
9 Sep, 2018 12:41

Here we go ! Not a fun story, though.

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@ LucasPatricio
Lucas Rosito
9 Sep, 2018 15:21 Here it the link to my mith. Im a new user, dont know how to embed the article to a comment. Sorry.