Lightning Challenge #23 (Complete)

A Day At The Beach


It is summer, it is hot, I need a vacation! Write about a vacation spot or a typical vacation story of citizens in your world. This can be a tourist trap, a secret and exclusive spot for relaxing or even a virtual reality that people visit to relax. Preferably beach themed, of course but not a must.

Components and tools

Non-Guild members only!

Minimum Words 100
Maximum Words 1000
Template Your Choice

Prize Non-Guild Members will have their articles judged by Vertixico, and 5 entrants will be chosen to receive a 1-Month Membership/Apprenticeship to the Guild.

What are Lightning Challenges? They're short challenges of low wordcount the challenge and inspire you to think about aspects of your world you might not have before!


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14 Jun, 2018 02:33   let’s hope the linking works!! this was cool to do, hehe, nice challenge!

14 Jun, 2018 11:12   Also if I end up in the top 5 I want to give away my apprenticeship to the creator of the next best entry

14 Jun, 2018 19:19   Here it is ! Enjoy that.

14 Jun, 2018 20:58   I think you will have fun with the names