Isaac (Xanthuss)

Isaac (a.k.a. XanthussMarduk)

I'm Isaac or Xanthuss, either works! I'm the resident Australian and Wearer of Many Hats. I am an Administratum (Admin) for the WorldAnvil Discord and Enchanter (Social Media Manager). I have been here since the early days.   I'm a gay 20-something incurable gamer, reader and worldbuilder. I've been worldbuilding literally as long as I remember and my world's often include nods to what came before. I adore the writing of Gail Carriger, my greatest regret is that I watched 11 seasons of Supernatural, and have a small obsession with scarves (70 and counting).  


I wear a lot of hats. I am the lead enchanter for Tumblr, so if you'd like any advice about WorldAnvil on tumblr, I'd love to help! Second in command on Twitch; I also muddle around on Reddit, Twitter and contribute to the blog. I further act as an Admin for the Discord, and help out on all our other social media outlets.  


I'm somewhat of a Worldbuilding jack of all trades; I can do a lot, master none of it. If you need help on something, feel free to drop me a line.  
  • Mapmaking
  • Magic building (check out my guide)
  • WorldAnvil CSS
  • Prose writing

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Discord Admin, Enchanter
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