Inktober Day 29: Grave

Today's prompt is "Grave"

    Flowers bloom in the wake of death.
Sorrow, loss and silence entombed under worn out stone.
  What is buried here under the ground?
    What rituals were critical to its internment.
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29 Oct, 2018 09:25


Grave by TJ Trewin

29 Oct, 2018 13:15

Inktober 29 - Grave
A father and son resting at the foot of a simplistic but heartfelt memorial.

30 Oct, 2018 10:08

Glynda's Fount
by Morgan

30 Oct, 2018 21:48

Amice's grave
  "Even though most believe Lady Amice's remain lie under her statue in the Circle of Heroes, she was actually buried in a secret cave behind Springdrop's waterfall, together with the Lion's Resolve, her precious circlet."

31 Oct, 2018 02:53

by livandlearn

31 Oct, 2018 06:36

Death is inevitable

InktoberWA2018 #29 lq.jpg

31 Oct, 2018 18:48

31 Oct, 2018 20:11

31 Oct, 2018 22:04

29 - Grave
by Amevello Blue

31 Oct, 2018 23:33

by 10tenart

1 Nov, 2018 19:49

29 | Grave
Remembering Her Loss by Polina Arteev

1 Nov, 2018 20:22

29 Grave.jpg