Inktober Day 27: Prey

Today's Prompt is "Prey"

A creature eeks out a living on the periphery, wary of a hunter.   It watches, and bides its time to feed.
    Each meal may be its last. It is a morsel for something else.
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26 Oct, 2018 23:06

Species | Oct 26, 2018
  eyyy it’s day 27!!

27 Oct, 2018 16:23


27 Oct, 2018 21:50

27 - Prey
by Amevello Blue

28 Oct, 2018 02:31

by livandlearn

28 Oct, 2018 03:43

Two characters, one of who is definitely seen as 'prey' by the other on a regular basis!

Inktober 27 - Prey

28 Oct, 2018 14:01


Hare by TJ Trewin

29 Oct, 2018 16:42

  A few creatures from other Realms managed to stay behind on Aequus. One of them, and also one of the most harmless, are the shrewleon, small creatures that use camouflage to hide themselves from potential threats.

31 Oct, 2018 06:35

There's always a bigger fish

InktoberWA2018 #27 lq.jpg

31 Oct, 2018 18:52

31 Oct, 2018 20:12

1 Nov, 2018 19:01

27 | Prey
Pesky Pest Control by Polina Arteev

1 Nov, 2018 20:20

27 Prey.jpg