How to begin using WorldAnvil

At its core, World Anvil is a tool to help you organize your creative process. As such, this is not a definitive guide on how you should use World Anvil, but rather what you can do.

Common Terms

World Anvil has several words and phrases it uses that may be new to many first time Worldbuilders, and some that are specific to the site itself.  


World Anvil Menu (Red) This Menu, usually found along the top of any page on the site, provides the main way of traversing through World Anvil. World Menu (Black) Located directly below the WA Menu, this navigation tool helps you get around the various parts of your World Editor. As such, it is not accessible when in the Presentation View.  


Editor When building, this view will be the most common sight you see. Presentarion Usually seen by your readers, this is the pretty, code free side of the site.

Creating a World

  When you first log on to World Anvil...


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