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Hi!   I'm Han, one of the WorldAnvil Discord mods. I'm in my final year of uni for a bachelor's degree in game design & development, and currently work in a loosely-related support role. Whilst I currently live in Australia, I'm actually English - I was dragged across the world in 2010 by my parents, and haven't yet figured out a way to get back.   I'm also a robot, as you can tell by my fabulous profile picture (drawn by the lovely AlbieDraws).   I found WorldAnvil through running a Pathfinder campaign. After around 2 years of running it, and bemoaning the lack of places to properly write out my lore, a Tumblr post caught my attention. I made an account, jumped in, and began writing. Since then, I've rekindled my passion for writing and have begun   I very much enjoy reading other people's articles, so if you see me around, feel free to tag or DM me with things you've written! I'm always up for reading, offering critique, or helping with grammar/spelling. I'm also totally down to talk worldbuilding or game plotting whenever, and you'll often find me in the worldbuilding channels, muttering evilly to myself about my various plots in the corner, or asking people about their worlds in #worlds-end-inn.   Here's my world!

Divine Domains

Robotics, games, plot twists and cats.

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Discord Moderator
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1996 24 Years old
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