Guide to Visibility Toggles

Written by Lengna Olio & SoulLink

Guild Exclusive

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The visibility toggles can be used to easily hide information from all readers or players and then reveal it. This is an everyone or nobody kinda deal. For more granular control over who can see what you should check out subcriber containers.
The visibility toggles can be enabled and disabled. Check the Visibility Toggles settings.
  When upgrading the account in exisiting worlds the toggle is disabled by default.

The visibilty toggles allow you to choose which parts of each article your readers or players can see.

Toggable Items

Most things can be toggled with this feature:
    • Most article sections (those created by prompts)
    • Containers: [container:secret-cake-love]George loves chocolocate cake[/container]
    • Sections: [section:mom-address]123 Evil Road, Helltopia[/section]
    • Images
    • Maps
    • Key / Value Items
    • Prompt Linked Articles
    • Quotes
    • Aloud boxes
    • Character Relations
    • Diplomacy Relations



There are some elements without toggles and some content which prevent visibility toggles from working properly. In some cases this can be circumvented by simply adding a container or section BBCode to the field.
    • Article title, subheading and credits
    • Article vignette
    • Tab headers added by template content.
    • Any containers which contain a mention link to another article. This is a technical limitation and cannot be changed.

  Futhermore, the sidebar on the map displays content of a toggled section. This means that any article which is directly linked to a pin may not contain visibility toggle content in the vignette / content area.

How To Toggle

The toggles are used from the presentation view of the article and not from the editing interface. Once you hover over a section or item which can be hidden an eye icon will appear. If you click this the section or item will be hidden. For you it simply becomes a bit opaque. Clicking again disables the toggle.

Other Options

There are two alternative ways to hide content from viewers. Check them out and descide which best fits your needs. Or maybe even combine them!
Guide to Secrets
Tradition / Ritual | Jun 20, 2022

Hide important information in your articles and reveal it to specific groups of people.

Subscriber Containers
Spell | May 1, 2021

An easy way to share content only with a specific group of people.


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