Spark Gerrit Dodd (a.k.a. Itsbaaad | TickleFlap)

By day I work as an assistant manager in a typical retail setting at my local mall. I have an Associates in Business Technology, and have experience doing artistic commissions and freelance work in the past. I enjoy skateboard, graffiti & street art, writing, film, music and literature of all sorts among much, much more.

Currently my biggest worldbuilding focus is my world, Mir, and have been working on it in one form or another for close to two years from initial concepts to now! The setting is a dark, low-fantasy world set in a universe that is encompassed by a thick, black smog. The deities here are not all-powerful or all-seeing & nature rules supreme. Humanity has faced destruction in the past at the hands of those who claimed to be bringers of it's salvation, and now are left alone to pick up the pieces.

My other setting is Apogee! A science-fantasy setting where a world of isolationist utopian people live in harmony with their environment are faced with new challenges as a war-hungry extrasolar becomes marooned on the edge of their small star system and begin doing what they do best. It will focus on storytelling and worldbuilding almost entirely through narrative & dialogue or imagery in an effort to further my skills in digital art and storytelling.

I'm on about once a day for an hour or longer, with more time devoted on my days off. You can always feel free to seek me out with questions or DM on Discord with anything you may have to say, ask, want to hear or not hear! I like to talk, so please don't hesitate to message me!

Tenets of Faith


Hobbies & Pets

I have a short-hair, grey cat named Rodney who I rescued from the street with my sister!

Divine Classification
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Year of Birth
1990 (28 years old)
Savannah, GA
Current Residence
Huntington, WV
Biological Sex
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