Enchanters have one of the most important jobs: to grow our community. We do this through reaching out, in good faith and with good etiquette, to various other communities and social media platforms to promote both World Anvil and the public content of its users.  


Social Media
Social Media Engagement and familiarity with one or more of the following platforms: Facebook, G+, Reddit, Tumblr, or Twitter. Experience with other platforms is a plus if you think you can establish a worthwhile World Anvil presence there.
Engagement with the users, providing feedback on their work and answering questions and concerns about ongoing Contest. Be friendly, helpful, and encouraging.
A daily check in with the other staff, clear communication about what you’re working on or if you’re unable to work, a willingness and excitement to learn.
Ability to coordinate with other people, communicate clearly, and work together. This is ultimately a social position, and so is more suited to socially-oriented people, and those who enjoy collaboration.



A Good Candidate

  • Familiarity with the World Anvil platform and most features and capabilities
  • A sociable personality and ability to speak to groups of people
  • Understanding terms like engagement, conversion and underlying systems

A Great Candidate

  • An account on World Anvil and a world with content
  • Active in our Discord Community or on Social media platforms
  • Experience with growing an online community

An Amazing Candidate

  • Extremely active in our Discord Community
  • A proven track record of social media engagement.
  • Previous experience with web based community growth
  • A fully fleshed out public world utilising the vast majority of features that you can show off

Other Benefits

  • Sneak Peek at upcoming features
  • Ability to influence the community
  • Some influence regarding feature requests
  • A unique opportunity to promote your world
  • Community Management resume/CV fodder
Note that being an Enchanter is an unpaid position. While it would be great to be able to compensate everyone who helps World Anvil, the Enchanters self-started as (and will continue to be) a community-driven group who dedicates themselves to helping the World Anvil Team get their wonderful product out there.
This is a volunteer position.



We have Enchanters from all around the world, of various ages and walks of life.
Alternative Names
Enchanter of the Forge
Public Relations
We are always on the lookout for new Enchanters, contact an Enchanter, Developer, or Administratum member if you are interested.


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