Garden Specialist and Maker of Paradise (A.K.A. Dreamy)

Hello, World Anvillian!

I am DreamMaker, a Community Moderator and creator of the apocalyptic science fantasy world Perasmenos which you can check out here https://www.worldanvil.com/w/perasmenos-DreamMaker. I also have another world in the works, Kitchen Chronicles, soon to be revealed. I am thrilled to be here helping to make this community a source of inspiration and creativity. As a moderator of World Anvil Discord, I pledge that:

1. I will be your personal guide through the majestic halls of World Anvil.

2. I will defend you against trolls.

3. I will help you find your geeky inner nerd.

4. I will defend you against schills.

5. I will help you find your Star Trek, Hobbit, Warhammer, Orcish or Elven nickname.

6. I will defend you against spammers.

7. I will be fresh eyes to your incredibly brilliantly original and genius world.

8. I will defend you against haters, cyberstalkers, cyberbullies, clickjackers, phishermen, zombie masters, hackers, hoaxers and other internet weirdos.

9. I will make a heavenly utopia with fluffy clouds of ethereal mist to transport you to the worldbuilder's majestic throne.

Now I must go and wipe the cyber blood from my exhausted keyboard.
There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as if everything is a miracle.
— Albert Einstein

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

I have a serious workout regime. I do regular marathons. Just last week I binged on all 631 episodes of The Simpsons. I won't say I'm thin, but when I walk outside to get my mail buzzards follow me. My favorite exercise transitions between a lunge and a crunch. It's called lunch.

Body Features

Warm, exotic beige skin tone... ... ... ... Which I paint on daily.

Facial Features

Heart-shaped face. Bushy black eyebrows attached to Harry Potter spectacles with toothbrush mustache under bulbous nose. Oh wait...sorry, that's when I put on Groucho Marx glasses.   No facial hair (except TWO eyebrows). The second one finally grew in. I'm so relieved.

Physical quirks

Left Handed (when it matters). Ambidextrous when eating ice cream.

Apparel & Accessories

I wear yoga pants that have never seen yoga, tennis shoes that have never seen tennis, and high heels that have never been high. I like to dress in shades of ebony. My formal fashion sense could be considered Femme Fatale. Skin tight body suits with lots of hidden gadgets.

Mental characteristics


Currently transitioning from Know-it-all to Possibly-uncertain.

Morality & Philosophy

When at first you don't succeed, call it Beta.  

Strive for progress not perfection. The closest a person ever comes to perfection is filling out a job application.


Allowing ice cream to melt. This is a grave sin.


Religious Views

I believe in freedom of religion. Everyone should have the right to decide which religious holiday to feel guilty on.

Hobbies & Pets

As a writer, illustrator and musician, I am not simply a starving artist. I'm ravenous. I'm an avid student of Asian History particularly Edo Period Japan. I enjoy creating my own elaborate costumes and participating actively in the steampunk and cosplay communities. Steampunk is the art of looking ridiculous any month before or after October. I play piano and keyboard and also create my own music. I am very excited that World Anvil has recently added the ability to allow users to post and share original compositions. I also enjoy all forms of gardening. The best way to garden is to put on a wide brimmed straw hat and some old clothes. And with a hoe in one hand and a cold drink in the other, tell somebody else where to dig.

  I own a dog and a cat. My dog thinks You love me. You pet me. You feed me. You must be God! My cat thinks You love me. You pet me. You feed me. I must be God! Either way, I've created monsters.

Current Residence
Biological Sex
Female. Everyday. It doesn't seem to change.
I enjoy being adored by everyone.
Gender Identity
Mahogany, cat eyes that sparkle upon receiving gifts.
Cascading curly, dark chocolate hair which costs a small fortune to maintain.
I can reach the bottom shelf of the top cupboard.
A svelte 100 lbs.
Known Languages
  • English (primary language). I speak perpetually in synonyms and homonyms.
  • Japanese (student of). Had to learn how to SHOUT.
  • Hebrew. Had to learn how to cough up fur balls.
  If I could write, I would have done this right.

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