Discord Friendships

Friendly Discords are Discord servers who we work together with, love the community of, and embrace as something our userbase wants to hear about.


  • Related topic that adds to the experience of our user base, such as;
    • Writing, Comics and Graphic novels, Art, Worldbuilding and its components, TTRPGs, Spec-Fic, Mapmaking and other areas of the creative community.
  • Willingness to display a link to World Anvil's Discord Server in a prominent, static channel on their own server.
  • Good etiquette and moderation, including;
    • Rigorous NSFW protocols.
    • Transparent system of moderation.
    • Clear rules and etiquette guidelines.
    • Friendly and welcoming server culture.
  • Allows WA to cross-post announcements to their server, around 1 per month.
    • This will include new products, events, kickstarters and exciting worldbuilding news.
  • 1000+ members (or exemplary community which fills a niche existing Friendly Discords do not cover)


  • Invite listed in #friendly-discords channel with 1 paragraph description, visible to over 8000+ members.
  • Friend of World Anvil role for server representative, with access to our allies and partners discussion channel.
  • Cross-posting of relevant news upon request to World Anvil's #announcements channel - roughly monthly.
  • Access to our extensive mod guidelines as an exemplar for their reference in drafting own guidelines.
  • Access to consult with our server admins on Discord technical questions, as well as information sharing for moderation purposes.
  • Access to our custom Dynobot and Echobot commands upon request.

Friendly Discords

You can find a list of friendly discords on the World Anvil Discord in the #Friendly-Discords channel.
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Becoming a Friendly Discord

These are guidelines rather than rules and servers outside of these parameters may be accepted under exceptional circumstances. If you are interested in a friendship between your server and the World Anvil Server then contact one of the server admins.


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