Development Gremlin

Development Gremlin Roles

GremlinTeam Role
AdemalSupervisor, Report Triage
Debug200Team Lead, CSS Expert, Report Triage
GorkamWorkaDevOps Advisor, Report Triage
SaiContent Management
SierraBrownCSS Expert, Report Triage

Role Descriptions

Supervisor Oversees operations, provides assistance when needed from an administrative perspective.
Team Lead Takes point on getting the team organized on projects
Report Triage Core role involving processing the incoming bug reports and feature requests. Reviews to make sure no additional information is needed, the included information is clear, and ensures the categorization and labeling is correct before passing on to the Bug Report or Feature Request board for Dimitris to pull from.
Dev Advisor Provides advice concerning software development ideas and programming help.
DevOps Advisor Similar to the above, but focused on things such as source control, development environment setup, deployment protocols, etc.
Content Management Assists with posting notifications and announcements on the World Anvil website
CSS Expert Knowledgeable in CSS, both as a language and in how it works on World Anvil
Famous in the Field


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