World Behind the Veil

Current Date: 12th of December 2020

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The World Behind the Veil is a fictional universe of urban fantasy with inspiration from existing urban fantasy settings and folktales from around the world. The setting features a wide range of characters and organizations in their struggle to overcome the challenges of this century with the supernatural newly exposed to humanity. The world itself can be a dark place, but its inhabitants can have lasting positive impact on the world when they try.
Current Date: 12th of December 2020
  Four years ago the Veil fell. This event changed everyhing for humans and supernaturals. The factions on each side had to quickly adapt to this new reality. Each found their own solutions and ways to do so.   At first this event overshadowed other challenges like climate change and inequality. However, as many supernaturals had already a place in human society they quickly pulled these issues back into the limelight to distract from themselves.   Today dryads are known for their environmental activism, vampires for their contributions to the medical field and therians for their work in law enforcement. And many others who have their impact on society highlighted!  

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