Ceremony of Blessing

This ancient ceremony is well known across the world, but at the same time a tightly guarded secret. All hunters who take part in it are sworn to secrecy. A secrecy that is enforced with powerful sorcery. The core purpose is for the hunters to receive a the Blessing of the Huntress. It is the core of the Hunter's Guild's and all of its predecessor organization's power.


A long time ago, the first ceremony was a simple affair. Only the huntress herself remembers it as there are no records of it that survived. From there the ceremony was repeated many thousand times developing over time. In times of stability, the ceremony increased in pomp and glamour and was only conducted with the most worthy prospects. In times of chaos, the ceremony was minimal, giving the blessing to anyone who was willing to pick up a weapon to fight the monsters in the shadows.

Modern Procedure

The modern ceremony is three days long with each part fulfilling a specific purpose. It takes place seven times a year once for every graduating class of each hunter's guild academy. Every time the huntress herself attends and ensures the stability and longevity of the Hunter's Guild.

The First Day

On the first day, the prospects receive their diplomas from the Hunter's Academy. This is a boring but important celebration where the prospects can invite their parents or loved ones. There are speeches and aperitifs. It is crucial, because on this day the prospects come to know if they are actually chosen for the blessing. Not all graduates of the academy are granted this privilege.

The Second Day

On the second day, the prospects gather with the guild council or at least their representatives. They are sworn in with an oath that each prospect has to take to ensure their allegiance with the guild and the fight against the supernatural. The exact content of the oath is secret and only known to those who have taken it. The real purpose of this oath is to bind the souls of the prospects to a soul cage used to summon the future hunters to their Final Debrief upon their death. Only the members of the council are aware of this purpose.

The Third Day

On the third day, each prospect finally receives their blessing. During this ceremony the prospects become true hunters in a day of meditation, contemplation and finally drinking from the cup of the huntress. Mixed in with the blessed water is a drop of the huntress' own blood. Once they have awakened to their full potential with their newfound powers they set out into the world to protect humanity and fight the monsters.

Cover image: Book of Magic by TJ Trewin


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I love how the ceremony has evolved throughout history and through times of hardship and stability. The modern version sounds kind of intimidating and really cool all at once.

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