Blessing of the Huntress

This blessing is bestowed on full members of the Hunter's Guild. Its purpose is to give ordinary humans a fighting chance against supernatural creatures. A ritual is used to cast the blessing on new hunters.
  The blessing was created by the The Huntress herself.
  For everyone receiving the blessing, it will increase their physical fitness, recovery, and mental fortitude. Hunters are about 5 - 10% better than other humans. As a result, rigorous training is crucial to use the blessing to its full potential.
  The blessing can, on rare occasions, give the hunter special abilities. This happens for one of two reasons. The human receiving the blessing has some dormant innate ability which was passed down from their ancestors. Or this hunter is fated to face a special thread in the future. This thread is anticipated by the huntress. This has led to sometimes no special abilities to appear for many years. While in other years dozens of hunters received special powers to deal with a big thread. As a result, a hunter's initiation ritual, where many hunters receive special blessings, is a bad omen.
  Once the blessing is applied, it can no longer be removed.
Chronic, Acquired
Special Abilities
Over the centuries many different special abilites have appeared. The hunter's guild puts each of these abilities into a category. The lower the category the rarer are special abilities from this category.  
  • Perception: Hunter's with improved senses.
  • Tracking: The ability to track supernatural creatures.
  • Combat: Abilities which can be used in direct combat. To kill, subdue or banish supernaturals.
  • Support: A support hunter can help other hunters to grow beyond their limits.
  • Divination: Abilities which allow the hunter to determine future events in some way or another.

Cover image: Book of Magic by TJ Trewin


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